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kw11 said:
Mar 8 '16, 9:05PM

I'm 62% country wohoo.By the way I love country especially when it comes to music.Go Blake Shelton!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Sorry I love all country singers!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

happyzanyanimal said:
Jun 10 '15, 9:34PM

You Are 89% Country

I am so proud! You are country thru and thru! You are most likely damn proud of it, and you should be. *Country* people are down to earth, honest, and hard working. All good qualities to have. Be proud of your roots and yourself. And remember, you can take the boy/girl out of the country, but you cant take the country outta the boy/girl!

mud digger said:
Jan 3 '15, 9:27PM

got 100 percent time to go muddin suckers

macki_06 said:
Oct 13 '14, 1:24AM

90% thinkin id get higher then this... this aint right.

haleyyy said:
Jun 23 '14, 12:33AM

90% country!!!! haha i really tohught i would be higher, born and raised in south georgia. love fishing hunting and getting dirtyyy! i would rather have a front porch party instead of a party at a mall. just my opinion!!

horselover16678 said:
Mar 26 '14, 10:02AM

46% That's weird... I have scars on my knees from falling down some many times when playing outside as a kid. My family owns a horse farm. They have... more horses than I can remember. And I'm usually one of the best at handling them. Maybe it's because I don't have much of a country accent...?

FallingLedge said:
Mar 23 '14, 2:15AM

but i grew up in Kentucky...

manders said:
Apr 4 '13, 12:04AM

79% this quiz aint very accurate considering I live on a farm in a small town, have 4 horses, a bunch of chickens, orchard with apple trees, peach trees, plum trees and pear trees, a grape vinyard, and a blackberry vinyard, 4 four wheelers, my friends and me have a good time by goin down to the dance hall, and four wheelin' in a pick up truck or four wheeler and drinkin' beer, I work on the farm and at DQ. Haha but i'm a sophisticated redneck ;P

mariam2071 said:
Dec 18 '12, 1:56PM

0% wow i dont wanna b country , (i never went there)

chelle45 said:
Dec 16 '12, 1:49PM

I was born and raised in the country. Had fun hiding in the cornfields and scaring the chickens. But when my family moved to town, I couldn't have been happier.

Dr KK said:
Nov 7 '12, 8:29PM

0% Hehehe.

dustin said:
Oct 2 '12, 9:39AM

87% country hell yeah.

skittykitty1 said:
Aug 23 '12, 4:48PM

You Are 32% Country

You are definately not country. You may have got a small percentage here, but that only means that you answered one or maybe two questions with a country answer. You probably don't want to be country anyway, so you're probably happy with these results. Congratualtions!

Correct. I was born in the country and I grew up in the north and I speak like a yankee, soo

CheeseRox said:
Mar 13 '12, 4:23AM

79% not to bad considerin' I live on a farm :)

elf maiden said:
Jan 28 '12, 8:39PM

eh... 51% Country. I was born in Stratford South Dakota and I've moved 9 different times. City and Country girl is the way I like it!

xxxXXFAITHXXxxx said:
Jan 19 '12, 4:42PM

@waterlover999 thats reakin stearotypein all crountry people ya'know ive lived in the city it freakin sucks and im emo and got 100 cuz im country

waterlover999 said:
Jan 10 '12, 9:12PM

@ countrybby09
ugh i hate you country ppl YOU are the ones who think YOU are all that by the way im a city gal and I LOVER GROWING FRUITS AND VEGGIES i go to help at a garden place and i am very succesful dont be offended just go on the being boring with ugly clothes

waterlover999 said:
Jan 10 '12, 9:07PM

@ vampgirl14 i live in the city and maybe if you actually lived there you would like i mean seriously and if you think all city ppl are annoying you should meet me although i would probably get anoyed with you country accent get a life

waterlover999 said:
Jan 10 '12, 9:03PM

@pikachu9303 that is a huge insult to me i live in the city and i hate high heels and when i was a kid i loved to play in mud you are definetley stereotyping . ps if i went to a wedding i would wear sneakers, t-shirt, and running shorting. get a life "country girl!"

pikachu9303 said:
Nov 20 '11, 2:23PM

100% so true i hate thoose girly city girls they freak out if they break a heel or step in mud i mean thats stupid who cares i hate high heels wore sneakers to a wedding by the way i live in az!

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