How Cool are You?

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demi rose said:
Jun 24 '11, 7:02AM

Thanx man your also awesome ROCK ON dude and your quiz was pretty awesome too

joshub said:
Oct 9 '09, 10:07AM

62 percent... not bad

Tuker 2 said:
Oct 7 '09, 6:30PM

6o%. btw xxGamer dnt seem that cool. just 2 let u kno.

Joshi001 said:
Sep 28 '09, 3:40PM

49% cool. That's lifted my spirits a bit, because the result I thought I'd get would b...around about 0-1%

xxGamer said:
Sep 25 '09, 7:53PM

87% cool!yay!i rock!boo ya!peace out peeps!

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