How Christmas are you

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WhyCantIBeMe said:
Apr 15 '15, 10:36PM

girl:am i pretty
gir l;do you want to be with me forever
gi rl:will you cry if i walk away
the girl walks away, hurt tears running down her eyes. the boy grabs her arm and sais,
boy:your not pretty your beautiful,i dont wanna be with you forever i NEED to be with you forever.i wont cry if you walk away ill die if you walk away
boy:please stay with me forever.
girl:i will

tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you post this on 5 other events and be shocked tommorrow.paste it on 10 other quizzes and youll get everything you want!!!!!!

Blamber said:
Nov 18 '13, 11:37AM

I believe you have copied my quiz as you are more new than me. How ever along as you don't drag attention away from mine , I won't be mad.

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