How Chicago Are You?

Are you a "real" Chicagoan? Take this test! Even if you have lived in Chicago for the past ten years, you should be able to get a lot of the questions.

Some of the questions are tricky, or have some multiple answers. Some correct answers are worth more! You might know more than a Chicagoan who has only been living here for the past ten years!

Created by: DonHag
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2. What is your gender?
3. Rogers Park, Humboldt Park, Beverley, Chatham, and Jefferson Park are:
Suburbs of Chicago
Towns in Illinois
Neighborhoods of Chicago
Some of Chicago's 77 "Community Areas"
You are confusing me!
I give up
4. Ravenswood, West Chesterfield, Little Village, Sauganash, and Dearborn Park are:
Great places to raise a family
Ravenswood? Is that like Ravenswood Manor? We look at a house there.
Chicago neighborhoods
Suburbs of Chicago
5. Macy's is...
A fine place to shop.
A great Department Store
Marshall Field is rolling over in his grave.
I don't like Macy's. I shop at Bloomies.
A disease?
6. After a bad snowstorm, I...
Shovel out and "claim" a spot on the street for my car with milk crates and chairs.
Dig my car out and move it to a spot where there are no "2 inch snow rules."
Stay indoors and look at my car on the street and hope for the best.
Hope the bus shelter is shoveled.
Shovel the driveway and sidewalks around my house.
Look for cars to tow away.
7. "New Town" is now:
A neighborhood of Lakeview.
North Halsted Street Area
I don't know!
A great Bryan Ferry song.
8. Dispensa's Kiddie Kingdom...
An amusement park
A place for kids with special needs
Let's go!
Who knows
9. A "bodega" is...
a corner store
some Spanish word
a cute little store that sells cute little things
I don't know.
A whata who?
10. ORD. What does it mean? And where does it come from?
"O'Hare Regional Something"
Orchard Place
O'Hare International Airport
What are talking about?
I only use MDW. ORD is a pain in the ass.
11. Chicago is known as the "Windy City" because:
it's windy and cold.
the people of Chicago are fat and gassy.
Who cares?
it's politicians are known to be "winded."
12. "4000 North" is:
a retail store
Irving Park Road
a restaurant
5 miles north of Madison Avenue
a locally produced TV show
Do I look like I care?
13. The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series was:
The Cubs suck. The Sox won in 2005.
Don't know and don't care.
14. U of I or UIC?
U of I
Neither! UW! Go Badgers!
15. Jewel, Kroger, Von's, or Safeway?
What about Dominicks?
16. Cheeseheads are:
F*** you! You F.I.B.S.!
people who root for the Packers
people who live in Wisconsin
the bartenders that stopped serving you in Lake Geneva in 1976
complete retards
17. Who started the Chicago Fire?
Richard Daley
Mrs. O'Leary
Some Cheesehead
Mrs. O'Leary's cow
Daniel "Pegleg" Sullivan
I can't remember
18. Which is tallest?
Trump Tower
Playboy Building
Petronas Towers
19. "The Loop" is:
Downtown Chicago
the interchange of I-94 and I-290
a mall
a radio station
20. Dorothy Tillman, Jane Byrne, and Maria Pappas are:
A Chicago singing group from the 1950s called, "The Chicago-ettes"
Mayor Daly's ex-wives
the 3rd Ward Alderman, the former Mayor of Chicago, and the Cook County Treasurer
Love those hats, Dorothy!
Maria sure can twirl a baton!
21. "The Son of Svengoolie" is:
A black and white horror movie from the 1920s, filmed in Chicago
An early John Hughes movie
Rich Koz
a Saturday afternoon monster movie show
22. LSD is:
A disease
an hallucinagenic drug
The outer drive
Lake Shore Drive
23. Garfield Goose is to Frasier Thomas as:
Kukla is to Fran and Ollie North
Cuddly Duddly is to Ray Rayner
The Great Clowney is to Claude Kirshner
Cookie is to Bozo the Bucket
I'm not good with logic problems
24. Eisenhower, Kennedy, Dan Ryan, Bishop Ford and Stevenson are:
local politicians
dual-lane carriageways
25. Munster, Dyer, Merrilville, East Chicago, and Hammond are:
Chicago neighborhoods
Chicago suburbs in Northeast Indiana
Towns in Northeast Indiana
near Gary, Indiana
Who cares?
26. "Chicago" means:
"Paleface" in Pottawatamie
Smelly swamp
Place of wild onions or garlic
Sister Mary never taught us that
land of three rivers
27. Buddy Guy's is:
a restaurant
a blues joint
a "friendly policeman" character for kids
a local minimart chain
28. Joliet is:
Jakes nick name
a suburb
an explorer
Romeo's girlfriend
by Romeoville
29. Lincoln Park is:
a park that stretches along Lake Michigan
a band
a Chicago neighborhood
a Detroit neighborhood
used to be full of tombstones
a ghetto
30. The current mayor of Chicago is:
Richard Daley
Richard Daley II
Jane Byrne
Michael Bilandik
Michael Bloomberg
Gavin Newsom

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