How Capitalist Are You?

There a lot of people in America who seem they would prefer a system of economy that is NOT CAPITALIST, like America is. It seems, in fact, that they would prefer it if businesses gave profits to the needy, donated to the hungry, protected the environment, etc. What those people are afraid to do is name this economic system what it really is: Socialist, or communist.

So, are YOU a capitalist? Are you "greedy", "selfish", and brilliant in business? Or do you prefer to "donate"? Prove your love of American free market with the results of this quiz!

Created by: Caleb Johnson of Advice From Someone
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3. You find $100 on the street. You...
Pick it up all nonchalant and walk away.
Turn it in to the police and claim if no one else does.
Donate it.
Give it to a random person on the street.
4. Your buisness become very successful and is threatening to monpolize the industry. You...
Crush your competitors like the bugs they are.
Give them a chance... then crush them.
Help them out, give them advice, back off.
Take a vacation for a while and let your competitors catch up.
5. You make extra profits one month, and don't know what to do with the extra money. You...
Fill a bathtub with the extra money and bathe in it.
Buy a new car you don't need.
Donate to charity.
Give it to your worthless brother.
6. A "worker's union" in your company is on strike and demanding higher wages. You...
Fire the lot and higher some Mexicans. At least THEY'RE not ingrates.
Ignore them, let them strike. You pay the best anyway.
Negotiate their demands lower at the mettings.
Give in, you love your employees.
7. Your goal is to...
Bring the prices of your product down.
Bolster the economy.
Give people who need one a job.
8. There is a hurricane that does not affect you at all just when you are making record profits. You...
Give the money to the needy!
Laugh off any attempt to get you to donate.
Do nothing. What do you care?
I dunno. I'm still stunned from that LAST hurricane....
9. Your worthless sister, whom you've always (sort of) loved, asks you for a job. You...
Refuse them. They can't do the work!
Hire them, but they HAVE to do all of the work.
Try them out for a while, though you know they will fail.
Hire them on the spot, PERMANENTLY!
10. True or False. Mention of nationalization angers you.
11. True or False. You enjoy your work.
12. True or False. You're in the buisness just so you can become a celebrity.

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