How Canadian are You?

Lying atop the North American Continent like a crown of ice and snow is the Great Lone Land: Canada. But who are the residents of this mysterious land, and could you successfully blend in with them? What are their cultural touchstones, their passions and their core beliefs?

Do you have knowledge of that most arcane of subjects: Canadiana? Peer into the inner workings of this exotic and strange land; can you unlock the rituals of its quixotic denizens? Take this quiz to see if you can pass for a hoser!

Created by: Tim of POGGe
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3. When you hear the name "Elvis" what do you think of?
Fat lounge suits
Rock and Roll Singer
Figure Skater
Crimes against musical taste
4. What does the phrase "double-double" mean to you?
Making it to second base twice
A tautology
Two creams and two sugars
"I just doubled the word double."
5. Who was Stan Rogers?
Host of Mr. Roger's Neighbourhood
A folk singer
A Politician
Inventor of the Zamboni
6. What are the following: Max Webster; The Tragically Hip; The Arrogant Worms; Buddy Whatshisname and the Other Fellas
Comedy Troupes
Canadian films
Nicknames for labour unions
7. What is Canada's Official Sport?
Doughnut eating
8. Sir John A Macdonald is famous because...
...of his drinking.
...the chain of fast food restaurants he founded
...he was the first prime minister of Canada
...he was knighted for bravery during wartime
9. What instrument is Glenn Gould famous for playing?
10. Who was Punch Imlach?
A boxer
A hockey coach
A WWI Flying Ace
A curling champion
11. What provinces were part of Confederation in 1867?
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec
Newfoundland, Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba
Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta and British Columbia
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Yukon
12. What does the term "deke" mean.
To feint
A female homosexual
A caribou calf
A type of long underwear
13. What great military victory is considered to be an important turning point in Canada's history as an independent nation?
The Battle of the Scheldt
Assault on Juno Beach
The Battle of Stony Creek
The Battle of Vimy Ridge
14. Which of these famous movie actors is Canadian?
Meg Ryan
Spencer Tracy
Christopher Plummer
Cary Grant
15. What Canadian politician gave meaning to the euphemism "fuddle duddle."
Rene Levesque
Joe Clark
Pierre Trudeau
Sheila Copps
16. Which province would you go to if you wanted to fiddle in Flin Flon?
Prince Edward Island
17. Which of the following is not a Margaret Atwood novel?
Oryx and Crake
Who Has Seen the Wind?
The Handmaid's Tale
Cat's Eye
18. What does "Nunavut" mean?
Frozen Land
Land of the Inuit
Less than Some of it
Our Land
19. What was the schooner Bluenose famous for?
Being on the dime
Catching huge amounts of fish
Defeating American vessels in the Fisherman's Cup races
The length of time she remained in service
20. Who were the combatants in the Battle of Batoche?
The Canadian Army and Metis Rebels
The Canadian Army and the Boers
The Canadian Army and the German Army
The Northwest Mounted Police and the Plains Cree

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