How Cameroonian are you?

Why did you click on this quiz? Do you know what Cameroon is, where it is, who the people are? Do you know the culture? We will test you out now. Welcome to this quiz.

If you don't already know, Cameroon is a country in West Central Africa. Many people call it home. But are you worthy to call it home? This will test the basic skills needed to be a true Camerooian.

Created by: Africagirl

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  1. What is the capital city of Cameroon?
  2. What is the largest city in Cameroon?
  3. What is the president's name?
  4. Name 2 beach cities.
  5. Name 3 bordering countries
  6. What is the currency?
  7. What is Fufu?
  8. What is Pigeon?
  9. How do you catcall?
  10. Have you been to Cameroon?

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Quiz topic: How Cameroonian am I?