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  • wow...I am a 4th generation Californian. My first ancestor came here in the 1860's. I lived in Walnut Creek and several cities in Orange County..and I got 45%?!?!?!? I can see why "they" talk about dividing the state into 3 (and even 6) different states. AND when did this "Cali" stuff start. NO ONE ever called it that until recently.

    AnnieOakley Jun 29 '14, 11:55PM
  • Ha, 44% must reflect that I'm a 4th generation native. We were here before all those carpet baggers and gold miners. Seriously, though, I've lived in LA, the Valley, central Coast, Bay Area, and got 44%? Still, this quiz was better than most.

    Jilara Oct 30 '13, 7:09PM
  • This quiz really sucks!
    I'm from California!
    I was born and raised in California!
    True Californians don't know EVERYTHING about Cali!

    wildbluerose67 May 8 '12, 7:34PM
  • 67%? Well I grew up in Oregon and lived in Orange County for 6 years. As well my dad grew up in Oakland. I think I deserve a better school

    honoshikun Mar 30 '12, 4:12PM
  • pfft in san jose and the other places in california WE HAVE IT ALL!

    weathermaker101 Sep 18 '11, 3:19PM
  • i got a 50... A FRIGGEN FIFTY!?!?!?!?!? I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA! i've been born and raised in california! the only other place i've been to is one small trip to las vegas nevada and a 3 week trip to seoul korea! i bet YOU aren't from california

    weathermaker101 Sep 18 '11, 3:18PM
  • alright this qiuz is like straight up bulls--- for realz!!!! i thought i answered most of the questions freakin good!!!1 and i got a f---ing 53% wtf? hell nah. take youre whack as quiz back. peace!!!

    zuko givanni May 24 '10, 3:02PM

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