How Californian are you?

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AnnieOakley said:
Jun 29 '14, 11:55PM

wow...I am a 4th generation Californian. My first ancestor came here in the 1860's. I lived in Walnut Creek and several cities in Orange County..and I got 45%?!?!?!? I can see why "they" talk about dividing the state into 3 (and even 6) different states. AND when did this "Cali" stuff start. NO ONE ever called it that until recently.

Jilara said:
Oct 30 '13, 7:09PM

Ha, 44% must reflect that I'm a 4th generation native. We were here before all those carpet baggers and gold miners. Seriously, though, I've lived in LA, the Valley, central Coast, Bay Area, and got 44%? Still, this quiz was better than most.

wildbluerose67 said:
May 8 '12, 7:34PM

This quiz really sucks!
I'm from California!
I was born and raised in California!
True Californians don't know EVERYTHING about Cali!

honoshikun said:
Mar 30 '12, 4:12PM

67%? Well I grew up in Oregon and lived in Orange County for 6 years. As well my dad grew up in Oakland. I think I deserve a better school

weathermaker101 said:
Sep 18 '11, 3:19PM

pfft in san jose and the other places in california WE HAVE IT ALL!

weathermaker101 said:
Sep 18 '11, 3:18PM

i got a 50... A FRIGGEN FIFTY!?!?!?!?!? I LIVE IN CALIFORNIA! i've been born and raised in california! the only other place i've been to is one small trip to las vegas nevada and a 3 week trip to seoul korea! i bet YOU aren't from california

zuko givanni said:
May 24 '10, 3:02PM

alright this qiuz is like straight up bulls--- for realz!!!! i thought i answered most of the questions freakin good!!!1 and i got a f---ing 53% wtf? hell nah. take youre whack as quiz back. peace!!!

Aug 23 '09, 6:31PM

Hey i live in Richmond Ca and i got a fu.kin 30% lets see if u the creater if u live in this f..kin state bit.h

Cali100 said:
Jul 23 '09, 1:38PM

this quiz totally sucks! I am californian! i was born and raised in santa cruz f.y.i!true californians dont know EVERYTHING about Cali! oh and also,you are not californian at all oh creator of this totally lame and suckish quiz! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

ale_93 said:
Dec 30 '07, 8:43PM

You can't expect every Californian to know all this stuff. I was born and raised here in Cali, so i know what i'm saying when i say this quiz is junk......just like your face.

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