How black are you?

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lalaloopsydoopsi said:
Mar 20 '16, 12:49PM

im donald trump yah snoop dawgs
and justin beebze

lalaloopsydoopsi said:
Mar 20 '16, 12:49PM


leafpool1972 said:
Feb 16 '16, 6:59PM

I got 76% black, wait are we talking color or ppl??? :3

Tonni said:
Dec 24 '15, 5:16PM

Ahaha I'm Asian. I got 63%

gron4u said:
Mar 8 '15, 3:30AM

Sodoff, you are exposing your reluctance to admit that your origins were, IN FACT,BLACK. Try as you might, your ancestry began in Africa. Your people may have migrated to the colder climes, but originally they were in the equatorial heat of Africa....Blacker than I am today. Sodoff, there is no way you can color it any other way. That is a historical fact. You are white now but your forefathers were BLACK.

gron4u said:
Mar 8 '15, 3:08AM

I'm thinking that whoever created this quiz is an idiot. First, I don't think a real Black person would demean him/her self and their race with all of these negative so called survival traits. All you have succeeded in doing is bringing out the racist comments. I'm thinking that that was your goal. Congratulations. You have been exposed. By the way, I am 100% African and don't need you or anyone else to define me.

DBZfan1996 said:
Jan 10 '15, 2:51AM

I'm Black and I got 68%.

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