How Big Of A Liar Are You?

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There are so many people out there who do not lie and some that do, but it's hard to tell if you lie a lot or not, so take this quiz and find out!!!!!!!

Are you a big time liar? Or do you not lie a lot? Take this quiz and see if you lie beyond belief or you are pure as could be not lying. :) Have a great day! :)

Created by: amazon of Awkward Moment
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1. First off, how much lying do you think you do?
Average a lie here, and there
2. How many times do you usually lie a day ( a day that you lied )
5 and more
3. You got on a question website and asked a question when your parents said not to, they see it and ask if that was yours you...
"I am so sorry, I posted it."
"No, why would I do that?"
4. Do you feel guilty a lot?
A little bit
5. You flicked your sister in the head and she told. Your parents asked if you did it... you...
"What! Why would I do that?!"
6. Do you think you lie a lot?
A little
None, I am just bored
7. Your parents are hosting a nice dinner, your mom puts out mouth watering chocolate treats and insists you do not take one. You take one and stuff it in your mouth. Your mom walks in and counts them finding one gone she asks you if you ate one you...
"You got me, I ate one."
"I didn't!"
8. Do People usually believe you?
On and off
9. Do you get in trouble for lying a lot?
One or two times/none
10. You break your great grandma's vase and your leave it there, your parents ask if you did it, you...
"No! Why would I do that?"
"Yes, I am so sorry."

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