How Autistic Are You?

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StrawberryGirl said:
Sep 27 '16, 8:19AM

27% dude I'm too young to have a job but I know how to manage my money.

Poopface33 said:
May 18 '16, 3:34AM

This quiz was crap and offensive. I get you were trying to be funny, but it wasn't. You're an idiot, grow up.

kceight said:
May 25 '15, 8:14PM

This quiz is a disservice. When looking at the multiple-choice wording, the quiz seems like it may have been meant as a joke, which could be damaging to people who take it seriously. The choices include the typical yes and no, then meaningless filler. No one should take it seriously and I think it should be removed from this website.

Nytes said:
Jan 22 '15, 4:47AM

Maybe it was just me, but this quiz was offensive. Not only were the questions/results absurd and poorly worded, they are highly dated "symptoms" that seem more like some sort of checklist than an actual quiz. And a bit too generalized for determining "how autistic" anyone is. Im high functioning and I barely fit any of these descriptors. I hate to tell you, but people with ASD can drive, have relationships, finish school and even complete higher learning, have friends, cook, clean... I mean, seriously...
To me it seems the creator of this quiz has issues with autistic people. No, I dont need to "improve", there isn't anything wrong with me.

Guys - do NOT take this quiz seriously. It tells you nothing, other than the person who wrote it has no real idea what Autistic is. Such crap.

Walker said:
Dec 31 '14, 7:39PM

This is to opionated and subjective. I do not enjoy the way the creator of this quiz created the questions and answer choices. A lot are based upon the perspective of the person, they actually may be weird, but they view themselves a normal.

Susanna said:
Dec 29 '14, 9:19PM

This quiz is really patronising.
Also, I got 7% and because of this it said that I must have been raised well.
Does this imply that people who are severely autistic are that way because they were raised badly? Some parents of severely autistic children might object to that.

Cinder fall 101 said:
Dec 18 '14, 4:43PM

It got 67 is that good

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