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lunarcat said:
Jan 30 '15, 8:41PM

i think this is really dumb and degrading i got 100% but i still went back and changed around two or three of my answers and i got some really negative responses. i just don't think this was a very good quiz and it certainly doesn't make people feel good. this quiz is terrible.

lacy the great said:
Nov 15 '14, 1:38AM

Wow you sound like some public school bully I am soooooooo glad I'm homeschooled! I dont have to put up with bullies like you! By the way I got 90 something %

fireflies1002 said:
Jan 22 '14, 2:08AM

i agree with nevermind. u suck! u people are just demolishing confidence! like we need a self-centered air-head to tell us that were pretty! u probably just made this quiz so u could rig it and say u got 100%. thats pathetic.

Aug 8 '08, 5:05AM

61% ? I HATE YOU!

MystiqueBeauty16 said:
Aug 4 '08, 12:07PM

40% attractive, lol. Oh boy, this is pretty funny. :)

MystiqueBeauty16 said:
Aug 4 '08, 12:07PM

40% attractive, lol. Oh boy, this is pretty funny. :)

Littlemisshyper said:
Aug 3 '08, 10:17PM

ok look this quiz is retarded i don't need a quiz to tell me i look good and neather do any of the other people

Samantha said:
Aug 1 '08, 2:46AM

40% this qiz sucks :(

Wolflover said:
Jul 18 '08, 10:10AM

wow, that was a waste of my time!! not cool dude!!!!

jds2113 said:
Apr 7 '08, 9:18PM

I'M 100% yay me

jds2113 said:
Apr 7 '08, 9:18PM


Nevermind said:
Apr 4 '08, 7:31PM

This is a s--- of a quiz and is pretty based on stereotypes. I can easily guess you are a Southern American or a dumb blonde who has no time for exercising her brain. You are a s---!

Em24 said:
Apr 4 '08, 3:41PM

I took this out of pure boredom. No quiz can tell you how attractive you are.

rae said:
Mar 15 '08, 3:28PM

any guys

rae said:
Mar 15 '08, 3:27PM

wow 99% thank u :)

skittlezdude said:
Mar 14 '08, 12:50PM

wow... 42%... take my other "Are you attractive quiz" its soooo much better... and be sure to comment it too

LalaKat said:
Mar 13 '08, 5:31PM

Seems like if you got under 50% you think more of yourself than the ones who got over 50 based on THESE crappy comments. :P

bgpink said:
Mar 8 '08, 11:02PM

This isn't a very accurate quiz... I have been called very attractive, but this quiz doesn't say I am even close to attractive.

sergeantbob said:
Feb 29 '08, 12:52PM

91% read'em and weep! Line up ladies, there's plenty for everybody!

maddyrja said:
Feb 22 '08, 1:31PM

I want the ten minutes back that you stole from my life. Thanx, noe i'll probably die ten minutes earlier than i would have if i hadnt taken theis quiz. 52%..... come on....

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