How annoying are you on Facebook?

This is a quiz about the silly things people get annoyed about on Facebook. The lesson is, "Don't take Facebook too seriously! It's just a laugh!" Much like this quiz.

Are YOU annoying on Facebook? Some might think you are, you may not. This is your chance to find out in the most definitive quiz of them all! So put down your iPhone and stop taking pics of random things no one cares about and find out!

Created by: amazon
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3. Do you feel a curious desire to update your status with what day of the week of it is, for example, "Yay! It's Tuesday!"
Yes! Otherwise, how would people know? Duh!
If it's a special occasion that others are aware of, i.e. Christmas or my wedding day
4. Do you use abbreviations and acronyms tirelessly when you could just easily type an actual word?
OMG! Only if the occasion warrants it.
Absolutely not. I am simply eloquent and well-versed in all manner of profound communicado. How very dare thee suggest otherwise?
Computer says "no".
5. Do you use Bitstrips which are neither funny nor clever with captions that are not even worthy of a monkey that has access to a Tablet?
I only started doing it because everybody else was. Please don't unfriend me!
They are ace!
6. Do you quite often update your photo with "selfies" taken on your phone in the mirror where people can actually SEE the phone in the reflection?
Of course. I just parted my hair a different way to five minutes ago.
7. Do you post pictures of food you have eaten or are about to eat?
Abso-tively-pos-o-lutely! I like people to know that I am eating well.
No, that's stupid.
Yes, if it is something special like a cake I have made.
8. Do you post "inspirational" pictures declaring love for spouse/parents/siblings/partners etc. encouraging other Facebookers to "share" if they like and agree?
Yes. It's important to let the world know how I feel.
No. If I love a member of my family, they know it already.
9. Do you use you iPhone/Smartphone to take a picture of almost EVERYTHING you see and post it? In example, "Look! A funny pub name with the word "Cock" in it! That's a keeper!"?
Yes. I have a very limited sense of humour.
No. Because it's not funny.
10. Do you use emoticons in the extreme?
11. If you post a comment and someone disagrees with it but argues their point in a rational, sensible way, do you:
unfriend the rapscallion immediately! Anyone who doesn't agree with moi is no friend of moi!
Think, "That's you're opinion, fair enough and leave as is.
argue back but again, in a civilised fashion.
declare them a c--- and vow to destroy them with bombs and/or voodoo curses.
12. Do you answer annoying quizzes like this just because you are so-oh-ho-bored! and it's a handy distraction from work?
I so do.
No! I am never distracted from my work...oh, wait...

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