How Animalistic Are You?

Of all the creatures in the world, the human is the one who is truly set apart. We act very different from our friendly animal neighbors. However, some of us love our pets or fellow earth dwellers so much, we tend to act like them. This is where the term, Animalistic comes from. Whether truly a word or not, it simply means a human who acts like an animal, or has animal behaviors.

So then, do you have the guts to find out how much of an animal you are? Do you wish to become one? Hate them? Love them? Take this quiz and find out in just a few short minutes, how Animalistic are you?

Created by: Angelina
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How obsessed with animals are you?
Completely obsessed! Let's see... I have 5 dogs, 10 cats, 3 birds, 7 frogs...
Pretty much. I can't walk into a pet shop without requesting to pet and hold every animal.
Not much at all, I have one or two pets but I'm allergic to them.
I hate animals, especially rodents and reptiles! Yuck!
4. How often do you wrestle with or talk to your pets in their lang?(E.G. barking or meowing with them)
All the time! Not only that but I also race them on all fours!
I talk to my pets, but only when feeding them.
Everyone has fun wrestling with a puppy! But talking to animals?? Yeah right...
I have nothing to do with animals, they sicken me!
5. How do you eat a meal when you are alone?
I eat with my fingers and stuff my face, watched or not!
It depends on what I'm eating, but I usually use silverware.
I eat my meals like a normal person should; with a plate and silverware.
What kind of question is this?? And I never eat alone!
6. Does walking on all fours feel more natural than walking on two feet?
Why would anyone walk on all fours?
7. Do you consider your five senses to be more keen than they normally should?
Totally! I have the senses of an animal! Rawr!
Well, I do have one good sense, but other than that I'm pretty normal.
This question is irrelevant! Many people have good senses and hate animals!
Nope, I wear glasses or just simply have terrible senses.
8. Do you feel more at home in the wilderness?
Absolutely! I love camping and hiking... in fact, I live out in the wilderness!
Well, I like to go camping and such, but overall I prefer being surrounded by an urban setting.
Ew! The wilderness is gross! Who wants to get attacked by bugs??
9. Do you keep your claws long or wish you were an animal?
What does long nails have to do with being an animal?!
10. How often do you find yourself basking in the sun or sleeping with your pet?
All the time. There is just something about sleeping under the sun that feels good...
I sometimes fall asleep with my dog or play outside...
Fall asleep with an animal? Nasty! And basking in the sun is a good way to get a tan.
Whoa, what do you mean by sleeping with your pet?
11. Do you act like your favorite animal a lot? Including growling and eating what they do?
Hehe... maybe. Okay, yeah I do!
These questions are weird...
12. Do you act like an animal on purpose, or is it something that feels natural?
I've always been an animal lover! As a kid I always walked like an animal!
I do not act like an animal at all, not ever.
Sometimes I act like a monkey, but that's just because I'm weird.
13. Do you hope to get a high or low response from this quiz?
High, high, high!
Low, I don't want to be an animal.
I don't care...
This quiz is lame.

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