How animal crazy are you?

I made this quiz because I am an animal lover, opinions on animals and their feelings towards them. Animal lovers inhabit the earth, and their name speaks for them. But then there are others-not quite animal lovers, but close. Not quite so loving towards animals, but close. And other people are scared of ccertain animals, like some but don't like others, or positively hate them.

Which of these types of people are you? Are you an animal lover? Not quite an animal lover but close? Scared of animals? Or just hating them? Don't hesitate to take the ultimate animal crazy quiz! Find out now who you are towards animals!

Created by: Animal Lover
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you saw an animal, hurt and/or scared, and no one was helping, what would you do? (Any animal in general.)
Rush over to the animal and try to calm it, meanwhile saying "DO something!"
Try very very hard to remember the number of the vet, meanwhile telling people to help.
Rush over to the person who looks most friendly, and ask them where the nearest phone is.
It depends on the type of the animal-nice, I help it, creepy, I leave it alone.
I'm scared of big and/or fierce looking animals, so it would have to be a small and/or nice looking animal.
I'd leave it. Let nature take it's course, they say.
4. You're going down the street, when someone walks by with her Doberman, who looks rather nice. What do you do?
I say "Hi! Your dog is nice. What's his name?"
Smile and say "Hi! Nice dog."
Glance at the duo, smile and say "Hi," then happily go on my way.
Say "Hello," and glance, just a little bit nervously at her dog.
Suppress the urge to scream, and manage to smile quickly at the owner. Nice-looking or not, it's best to be careful with Dobermans.
Smile at the owner and wave, but just look, dully, at the dog. Why bother with smiling at it?
5. Someone tells you you're great with animals. What do you do?
Nearly leap into the air and say "THANKS A MILLION!" then go into your room and have a mini-party.
Smile very big and say "Wow! That's great! Thanks!"
Smile rather wide and say "Thanks!"
Smile big and say "Cool! Thanks," although wonder "Which animals?"
Smile and say "Thanks." "Which ones?" is what you want to add, though.
Give the biggest smile I can muster (they meant well) then go into my room and lock out visitors. WHY would they say that?
6. Your parents have decided to get a puppy! What do you do?
Beg them to get one at the shelter (and to bring you!)
Smile very big and go around like that all day, grinning.
Smile rather wide and say, "Thanks, Mom! Thanks, Dad!"
Smile and ask to come pick out the puppy. You want to make sure it isn't a scary one!
Smile a kind of shaky smile and ask to come along. (No scary ones!)
Smile as big as I can and run into my room. How awful! A smelly old dog is coming to live with us!
7. Favorite animal?
Hard question to answer...pretty much any one :)
Oh, there are ones that stick out. (Think of your fav.)
Nothing too big or creepy, thank you very much!
Not a snake or shark or one of those kinds of animals, definitely!
I don't have a favorite and don't want to!
8. If you were getting a horse, which breed would you choose?
Any breed, so as long as I can have a horse. :)
I like most of them, just gimme a horse!
Certain breeds stand out (think of your fav breed).
I might not be getting a horse-they are kind of scary!
Hrrm....maybe a pony? One that's not too big for me, but small enough.
Ugh I don't like anything about horses!
9. Four more questions...
Aww shoot! Why only four more questions about animals? ;(
Wow just when I was starting to warm up to one of my favorite subjects, animals...
Too bad.
I hate to say this, but I'm kinda glad.
Any scary animal questions?
You: Really? Me: Yep scroll down to the bottom of the page. You: Oh hooray!
10. Do you daydream about animals in school?
Yes, and I doodle them in my notebook, and I have pictures of them in my locker and I...
Yep! What do you take me for, an animal hater?
Not much.
Nope, and I hope I will never be insane enough to either!
11. Do you like snakes, rodents, lizards, sharks, etc.?
Some more then others. *looks again at the word "sharks"*!
I don't like any animal. Period.
12. Last question: Do you dream about animals?
Yeah, like beautiful chestnut horses cantering across soft grass, and grey wolves raising their proud heads to sing at the moon, and...
Yeah, a lot.
A little...some are nightmares.
Yeah, but some I don't like all that much.
If I did, I'd ask my parents to put me in an asylum for the mentally insane.

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