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meely said:
Dec 30 '14, 4:38PM

I got 30%. I am in top set in everything at a grammar school and am sitting my A-Levels. I'm not even old enough for GCSE yet. How does that work? Some questions were stupid.

@M4xximu s7 Harvard is American dude. Also, I'm happy there's UK questions, because I'm English.

Hammerman said:
Jul 4 '14, 9:52PM

Dumbest questions ever, and there all about the UK, which is pathetic, I'm ranked 14 out of 367 students and. I got a 40% sad.

Tc9966 said:
Jan 29 '14, 11:26AM

Stupid questions. What you do in Jamaica has nothing to do with how academic you are. This quiz is s---

Isabelangel said:
Jan 27 '14, 2:08PM

IKR? I don't live in the UK ether, so
I got 40%. Pretty sad,hu?

Morowyn said:
Jan 17 '14, 1:03PM

I don't live in the UK so I am unable to know the answers to most of these questions, leaving me at a 30% score.

Granted, I could have researched the questions.

M4xximus7 said:
Jan 11 '14, 4:21PM

I am the smartest person I know, why are all the questions from the UK?

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