Holy Mop Tops, Batman! Beatlemania in Melbourne

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Are you a Beatles geek? Do you remember their Australian tour? Perhaps you were screaming in the front row at one of their Festival Hall concerts? Or are you simply bored at work and want a little light distraction?

Either way, this quiz is for you! After all, we're fast approaching the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' only ever Australian tour - and that's as good an excuse as any to indulge in a bit of Fab Four frivolity by taking this quiz!

Created by: Sammy-lou of Holy Gogo Boots, Batman!
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1. Name the promoter who had the good fortune and foresight to book The Beatles’ Australian tour before Beatlemania had even kicked in.
Lee Gordon
Harry M. Miller
Ken Brodziak
Michael Gudinski
2. The Beatles started their Australian tour without Ringo, who was sick with tonsillitis and pharyngitis back in England. Name his temporary replacement, who departed the country from Essendon Airport without playing any of the Melbourne shows.
Keith Moon
Jimmie Nichol
Pete Best
Bobby Graham
3. What controversial gesture did John Lennon make from the balcony of the Southern Cross Hotel to the massive crowd that had gathered in the street below?
A two-fingered salute
A brown eye
A Heil Hitler salute
He flipped them the bird
4. How many concerts did The Beatles play during the Melbourne leg of their tour?
5. Which Melbourne music identity got kicked out of Festival Hall for screaming too much, along with his pop-singing friend (who was damned by association)?
Stan Rofe
Molly Meldrum
Normie Rowe
Denise Drysdale
6. Which of these acts did not support the Fab Four on their Australian tour?
The Twilights
Johnny Devlin
Johnny Chester
The Phantoms
Sounds Incorporated
7. Here’s one for the Beatles geeks: can you name the band that Ringo’s replacement usually played in?
The Shubdubs
Gerry & the Pacemakers
Herman's Hermits
The Lovers
8. Which British comedian acted as compere for The Beatles’ Aussie concerts?
Ronnie Corbett
Alan Field
Tim Brooke-Taylor
Ronnie Barker
9. On the last day of their Melbourne leg, George Harrison reportedly took a day trip to the Dandenongs while Paul, George and Ringo got their hair cut. What make of car was he driving?
A Holden
A Citroen
A Morris
10. Which former Victorian Premier, then aged 11, saw one of The Beatles’ Festival Hall concerts and remembers it like this: "I might be 6'7" now but I was 11 then and all my emotional shortcomings derive from that night. I was too short. I couldn't see."
Jeff Kennett
John Brumby
Joan Kirner
Ted Baillieu
11. The Beatles' final Melbourne concert was filmed and turned into a TV special, entitled "The Beatles Sing for [WHO]"? Name the program's sponsor.
Coca Cola

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