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This is just another Hogwarts Sorting Hat quiz... (it's the best) so if you like Harry Potter give it a go and find out what house you're in! Then rate my quiz! :)

What Hogwart's House are you in! Find out in my sorting hat quiz! If you are a Harry Potter fan then you'll love this quiz! Just give me a break because it's my first quiz so be fair! Thanks!

Created by: Nicholas Scott
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. You have just been sorted and are starting your adventure at hogwarts. What is your main goal for your first year?
You plan to make some new friends, get on good terms with teachers and get good grades on your classes.
You are going to find people in the right places to teach you new skills and give you advatages over your fellow students.
You will blend into your fellow students and find out were you belong through trial and error and you will try your best to pass your classes.
Your goal is to find what your best at and pursue it... and score some points with the curvy Ravenclaw girls.
4. One of your friends has forgotten there potions essay and will fail the class if you don't return it to them, but if you do go you might get in trouble with Professor McGonigall if your late to your transfiuration class. What do you do?
You have your own problems to deal with, you won't sacrifice your grades for a temporary friend.
You haul your butt to the dungeons and return the essay and tell them no thanks are necessary.
Why should you waist your time trying to return the essay? They might already be there, so you decide to copy the good answers so you can pass the class yourself.
Turn the paper in to Professor McGonagall so that your on time for your class and you help your friend.
5. It is the beginning of the weekends. How will you spend your free time?
Spend your free time getting ahead on your next week's homework so you can get good grades and have more time for yourself during the week.
Spend some time with your boyfriend/girlfriend next to the lake and spend some steamy quality time with her.
Do whatever you feel like and have fun, just stay out of trouble.
Go practice Quidditch with your friends so you can all get on the house team at the tryouts.
6. There is a boy/girl you like in your house. What do you do to express that you like them?
You go buy them some sweets and leave it in a basket outside there dorm.
Flirt with them after class. Your so smooth you've got your hands all over him/her in no time.
Drop a love note in there book bag and hope they read it.
Go buy them something nice and affordable and give it to them as a gift.
7. Your teacher expects you to turn in a four page essay by tuesday... it's monday... what do you do?
Screw Snape and his freekin essay, I was gunna fail potions anyway.
Give it your best shot and hope you did OK.
Spend the wholenight in a study group with your smartest friends and get 110% on Snape's essay.
Do your best but make sure you still get enough sleep so your awake for your other classes in the morning.
8. What house do you hope and expect to be in?
I don't really care what I get is what I get.
9. Who is your favorite teacher?
Professor McGonigall
Professor Snape
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Flitwick
Professor Sprout
Professor Hagrid
10. What pet would you take with you to Hogwarts?
Great horned owl
Eagle owl
Pigme Puff
11. Who would you be friends with from the Harry Potter series?
Neville Lobgbottom
Harry Potter
Luna Lovegood
Draco Malfoy
Hermione Granger
The Weasleys
12. Did you enjoy my Quiz? (it took me two whole freekin hours so give me a break)
Sure, I guess.
You did good for two hours.
Dude this quiz sucked. (If you pick this you will fail the quiz...)
Great job! I can't wait to see my result!
I love Harry Potter so I don't care how good the quiz is.
I don't care.

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