Harry potter Sorting quiz

There are plenty of Harry Potter characters,but is there really Harry Potter characters in the world.Take this quiz to find out which character you are.

Are you the clever Hermione Granger,or the sly Draco Malfoy?Who you think you can became in the wizarding world?Thanks to this quiz,in just one minute,you will find out!Thanks!

Created by: Hazel Lee
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. If your friends and you met a troll that wants to eat all of you,what would you do?
Fight with your true love.
Fight for your friends.
Try to make peace.
Say"Get out of here,stinky troll!"
Try to confuse him.
Just kill him.
4. If a man came to you and asks you for a drink,what would you do?
Beat him up!
Tell him"Sorry,I don't have any money."even if you had a thousand bucks.
Buy it for him,you are thirsty too!
Tell him politely to go away.
Just shrug and walk away.
5. If you are standing in a enchanted garden, what would you like to see first?
Golden flowers with pink leaves.
Silver trees with red flowers.
Purple bushes with green berries.
A statue of a princess that dances around.
Lawn gnomes that can sing songs.
Pixies flying about decorating.
6. If 6 goblets of potions are in front of you,which would you rather drink?
The blue sparkly one.
The green one with white powder.
The purple sparkly one.
The pink one with gold powder.
The green sparkly one.
The green one with back powder.
7. If there was a fire in Hogwarts,what would you do?
Save your friends and family.
Save everybody with magic and then,put out the fire.
Run away shouting''Help!"
Put out the fire and make sure everyone is ok.
8. If you are stranded on a desert island,who would you want to be with you?
Your fiancé.
Your children.
Your friends.
Your family.
9. If you have to kill Snape to revive Harry Potter from the dead,will you do it?
10. What is your prized possession?
My diary.
My awards.
My tea set.
My photo albums.
11. If you are at a crossroads,which road will you take?
The first,to the sea!
The second,to the woods!
The third,to a castle!
The fourth,to a library!
12. Who would you rather hang out with?
The popular ones.
The nerdy ones.
The brainiacs.
The geeks.
The weirdos.
The class clowns.

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