Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz Based On Your Behavior

Well, this is a Sorting Hat quiz. Yes, I know that you have seen and taken many of these before. But, wait first, this quiz is different from the other ones. Want to know why?

Usually, Sorting Hat quizzes will ask questions like "What is your favorite color?" and "Who is your favorite character from the Harry Potter world?" Those are.. Well, let's say too common. This quiz is a different quiz because it sorts you in a different way, which is purely based on your behavior and how you react in some situations. Take this quiz and find out which house you belong in!

Created by: Kayla Manayra
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3. What will you do if you saw a Death Eater (for example Bellatrix or Lucius) at Hogwarts?
I will tell a professor that there is a Death Eater somewhere at Hogwarts.
I will directly run away.
I will ask him/her about the other DEs and offer my help. I really want to see them!
I will stun him/her and start firing jinxes and even curses to him/her.
4. You are in a fight with Draco Malfoy. He suddenly casts Crucio on you. You know that it is an Unforgivable Curse. What will you do the first?
I will cast "Protego" or "Finite". By casting Protego, the curse will reflect to him, by casting Finite, that curse and its effects will be undid.
"What should I do? Mommy, help me!" *runs away*
Draco - fighting with me? No way, I'm his very best friend.
I will cast curses on him (excluding the Unforgivable Curses) until he surrenders and loses the fight. HAHAHA! You filthy pure-blood!
5. You get detention from Professor Snape for cutting his conversation in Potions class. What will you do?
I will just do it quietly and follow what he tells me to do. I don't want to get myself into any other trouble and detention.
I will accept it, but when I am doing it, I keep on sighing and murmuring.
Huh? He'll not give me detention only because of that! But if he really does, I will try to argue with Professor Snape so that he can free me from any punishment.
Ugh... Detention again... With the same teacher.. I will try to avoid it, I will do everything I can do to run away from it.
6. You saw Draco insulting Hermione and calling her "Filthy little Mudblood Granger". What will you do?
I will tell him to stop. If he doesn't, I will immediately run and tell Professor McGonagall or possibly the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore.
I will ignore him. It doesn't really matter to me actually. But maybe I'll try to tell him to stop. That's all.
I will join him and insult Hermione with harsher words.
I will stun or maybe petrify him. After that, I will punch his petrified face.
7. Now, you have just finished your second year at Hogwarts. You need your parents to sign your form so that you are permitted to go to Hogsmeade. Your parents do not want to sign it, which mean they do not allow you to go to Hogsmeade. How will you react?
I will try to tell them that the trip to Hogsmeade is safe because we will be accompanied by the professors. Maybe I will try to trick them too so they will sign the form. Right, I will think hardly.
I will say, "Okay then, mom, dad. I'm fine with that." I don't want to quarrel with my parents.
I will shout, "I want to go to Hogsmeade like the other students!" I will never give up until my parents let me to go, I will try any way to get my form signed.
I will accept their decision but later, when I go back to Hogwarts, I will ask one of the professors and plead so that he/she will sign my form. :P
8. What will you do if you're having your free time?
Free time? What free time? You mean, when there's no subject? Oh, of course I'll go to the library.
I will spend my whole free time with my best friends. We'll just have fun together.
I will bully first-years with my friends. Yeah, that sounds great. Well, that is the best thing I and my friends could have done in our free time.
I will discover the hidden and mysterious parts of Hogwarts. That sounds fascinating to me. I will do that with my friends, probably.
9. You got an Outstanding for DADA, Potions, and Herbology, and Exceeding Expectations for the rest of your O.W.Ls. How do you react?
"What? Oh no!" I feel very very upset about that. Why did I get only three Outstandings?
"Yaay, I got Outstanding in Herbology!" Herbology happens to be my favorite subject, so... *turns the music on and celebrates*
Oh yeah! Pretty good, but... DADA? Outstanding? Bloody hell, hate it.
WOW!!! That's great! And I'm surprised that I got an Outstanding in Potions. Professor Snape sometimes gave me detention. How on earth did I get... Oh, just forget that! Yay, woohoo!
10. Hermione offered you to join the S.P.E.W organization of hers. What will you say?
"Well, that's very kind of you Hermione, but I think house-elves feel that they deserve their job. They are happy to do it. So, I think we better not stop them."
"Oh really? Well, let me.. Think about it."
"Never!!!! You mudblood how dare you!?"
"Oh. S.P.E.W, quite a nice name for an organization. Well, perhaps I'll join, Hermione."
11. You had just known that Professor Remus Lupin is a werewolf. Other students had started talking about that. One of the students comes to you and asked if it's true that Lupin is a werewolf. What do you say?
"Yes, he is. But don't be afraid, he's okay. If the full moon does not show up, he'll not transform." *starts explaining about werewolves*
"Umm, yes. I heard it from other students."
"Oh, yes! He is a werewolf! Do you know about werewolves? They are awful..!" *starts scaring others and telling bad but untrue things about werewolf*
"Yes, I know he is a werewolf, but.. Does that make a big difference? Professor Lupin also needs to be respected by his students. Anyway, all you have to do is avoiding werewolves when full moon shows up. As simple as that! Well, actually I'm brave enough to show up in front of a transforming werewolf."
12. If you have a chance to meet Viktor Krum at Hogwarts, what will you say to him?
"Oh, you must be Viktor Krum, the Bulgarian seeker. I know you. I see your pictures everywhere. By the way, welcome to Hogwarts."
"Hi, Viktor Krum. May I have your autograph?" *Viktor Krum signs your paper* "Thanks a lot." *cheerfully smile and walk away*
"Hey Viktor, we can be frie nds! You and me, we're both interested in dark magic, right?" *introduce yourself to him*
"Viktor Krum! Hello! May I have your autograph? Please??" *signs your paper* "Thank you!!" *then, I tell my friends that I've just met Viktor Krum and asked his autograph*

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