Halloween Movie Trivia

Halloween Movie Trivia is based on the John Carpenter's 1978 release of the Michael Myers slasher film, Halloween. Staring Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence, a timely treasure!

Have you seen the movie? Think you know Michael Myers? Think you can outsmart a mastermind? Take this trivia quiz to see how smart you really are!

Created by: Kendra of Kendra's myspace
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1. What year did Halloween hit movie theaters?
2. Jamie Lee Cirtis plays what character in the movie?
Laura Stimpleton
Lacey Sanders
Linda Stevens
Laurie Strode
3. How old was Michael Myers when he killed his older sister in 1963?
4. Who is Michael's doctor?
Dr. Steve Loyd
Dr. Sam Loomis
Dr. Sal Lammit
Dr. Sean Larkin
5. Where does the movie take place?
6. What is the name of the boy that Laurie Strode is babysitting on Halloween night?
7. When Michael stabbed his sister to death, what kind of Halloween costume was he wearing?
a pirate costume
a clown costume
a ghost costume
a wizard costume
8. How many year was Michael in the sanitarium before he escaped?
9. Michael Myers's mask is created from the mask of what actor?
Chevy Chase
Alan Alda
Chuck Norris
William Shatner
10. When Laurie and her friend are walking home from school, what kind of trees are in the scene?
palm trees
elm trees
oak trees
apple trees
11. While writting the script, what was the working title of the film?
Halloween Killer
The Night of Michael Myers
The Babysitter Murders
Killing Spree
12. Who voted Halloween to be the 5th scariest movie of all time?
TV guide
Entertainment Weekly
People Magazine
13. As Dr. Loomis is leaving the police station he is quoted as saying:
He was doing very well last night! Maybe someone round here gave him lessons!
Are you mad?! Of course he can drive!
If it wasn't him, then who do you think stole your car?
He was seen driving it! Why don't you people listen?!
14. Laurie's friend Lynda uses which word over and over in the film?
far out
15. Who shoots Michael in the end of the film when he then falls to his death off of the outside balcony?
Laurie Strode
Leigh Brackett (the sherrif)
Dr. Loomis
no one shoots him

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