Grey's Anatomy Addict

A Grey's Anatomy Addict knows everything about Grey's Anatomy. Spoilers to Actors names to songs they play! A True Grey's Anatomy Addict can tell you everything about this show! I'm a Grey's Anatomy Addict! You can find out if you are too!

Are you a McGenious?? Are you a Grey's Anatomy Addict?? Thanks to me you can find out! Just take this quiz to see how much you REALLY like Grey's Anatomy (the best show ever)! So get off your McButt and take this quiz! SERIOUSLY!! :)

Created by: Ella
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1. Who proposes to izzie in season 3?
no one
2. When Meredith was having a bad day (in season 1) what was George's idea of making her feel better? (that would get them in trouble if anyone found out.)
looking at gross heart surgeries
looking through past medical records
going to the Jet City Bar
Looking at newborn babies
3. When was the first time Burke says " i love you" to cristina?
at the hospital during open heart surgery
when she is sleeping at his house
at Jet City Bar
when she finished her internship
4. The theme song to Greys anatomy "cozy in the rocket" is from what band?
The Poly Phonic Spree
KT Tunstall
Bright Eyes
5. Why does Cristina faint in the first season?
Burkes Surgery was getting her sick
Burke asked to marry her and she hadnt had an answer yet
She was pregnant and her fallopian tube burst
She has the flu but they found out she was really pregnant
6. Why didn't George get back with Olivia?
She gave him Syphillis
She had dated Alex
He had a crush on Meredith
He had no time (he was an intern!)
7. Who's name would make Kelly (the girl with a blushing disorder) blush?
Marc Salon (mcSteamy)
Dr. Burke
Derek Shepherd
8. Put these McPeople in order from when Meredith met them!
McDreamy, McDog, McSteamy, McVet
McDog, McDreamy, McVet, McSteamy
McDreamy, McSteamy, McDog, McVet
McDreamy, McVet, McDog, McSteamy
9. Why Does Addison Shepherd have Merediths dog?
She was meaning to give it to Derek but Addison is Dereks wife so..
It ran away and went to Addison
Meredith never had a dog!!??
She didnt give it away.
10. When Bailey had her baby what is it's name?
William Alexander Bailey
Vanessa Bailey Jones
William Tucker Bailey Jones
William George Bailey Jones

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