Ghostly Love Story Part 2

this is Part 2 of the Ghostly Love Story. You the Queen of the ghosts has three boys fighting for your attention and love, especially they're fighting for your life. You have Evil coming after you and you do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

Which Ghost Will You Choose Coldon Kaleb or Adam? Will you be able to be Queen to your realm or will you be defeated be evil? Live through a normal girls life who just got a twist of fantasy!

Created by: amazon
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3. Ok so where were we at, oh yes. A Crack is forming in the ground and you have no space to move. You notice that the crack is only happening around you and no where else and you wonder why. Smoke starts rising up from it and you think its an earthquake. Finally you build up enough voice to scream something over the arguing boys.
Help Me!!!!!
Im going to fall!!!!!
Somebody please!
4. Whatever you chose to scream finally got their attention. They came running towards you and pulled you out of the way somehow. You fall to the grassy floor as the three stand in front of you like a handsome shield. you stare in disbelief as a blue looking devil rises up from the cracked ground.
why is he blue shouldnt he be red!?!
What the heck is that ugly thing!
Come over here Coldon! hold me!
I wonder what Kaleb is thinking. Hopefully about me! =)
I think you need to be a little more closer to protect me Adam ;)
5. "YOU CANNOT PROTECT HER FOREVER!" the blue devil yells at the guys but stares at me instead. "Yes i can and with help if its needed." Coldon tells him. "Not every second, when she is left alone for even a minute i will capture her and dont you forget that." he says and points at me. "She is much stronger than you and you cannot defeat her!" Adam yells at him. "She will be ready for you unlike Queen Zestia, you might have caught her off guard but not this one this queen will be ready for you" Kaleb says. You decide to stand up and look him straight in the eye as you say:
"I will and can defeat you, now dont you forget that!"
"Listen Evil Blue Devil i have Coldon and he will protect me."
"Hey Jerk, Adam has a bad temper problem i dont think you want to mess with his girl!"
"Kaleb will be able to beat you down a level he's strong."
6. The blue devil obviously got angry at what you told him that he lunged towards you. He swiped his hands at the guys before they can grab him. You did a quick glance at the guys and saw them wriggling on the floor like worms. Then the devil grabbed you by the shirt with one hand and pulled you up your feet not touching the ground anymore. "Do you think your brave little girl?" he growled at you. "I have gain much power during the years as you see!" he says pointing at the boys. You cried out to him saying:
"What are you doing to them!"
"Stop hurting Coldon, please!"
"Anybody but Kaleb, let him go!"
"How can you do that to Adam!"
7. A tear falls from your eye as you look at the boys writhing in pain. "Let me introduce myself properly. My Name is Zadum, i am the devil of ghosts. I was a regular ghost myself but it got boring so i decided to... you cut him short by saying:
"who cares!"
"i dont want to know your whole life story."
"your so pathetic."
"Please Please let go of Coldon."
"Kaleb has done nothing to you."
"You're Hurting HIM! Adam!"
8. He gets annoyed at you but continues on as you ignore him you think of a plan for him to let you go. not most of them are bright but its worth a try.
Kick him where it hurts.
Squeeze his knuckles to let go of you.
Try to do some magic that you dont know how to use.
Scream for help.
Flirt with him and beg him to let you go.
Beat him up until he's bleeding to death and begging you to stop
9. You then realize that he is a ghost and you cant beat him up or kick him where it hurts but its still an option. So you decide on the squeezing the knuckles and magic. As you flirt with him to distract him from what you're about to do. You then squeeze his knuckles and think of all the hurt in the world and it worked. Zadum then lets go of you and you land on your butt. He starts cowering away.
YES! i used magic!
all i have to do was think very hard about something and my magic powers works. WOW!
Let me beat him to death now! COME HERE ZADUM! you're worst nightmare has arrived.
10. Zadum starts towards you again and he is pushed to the ground by Adam. Kaleb and Coldon run towards you and helps you up. then they start pulling you away from Adam And Zadum. "Im so sorry." Kaleb and Coldon said at the same time. "Its ok, he was stronger than you thought, next time you'll be ready though." you say to them as your trying to catch your breath. "I see you know how to use your magic now." Kaleb says. "Where are we going?" you ask ignorin g what he said because you noticed you were running somewhere unkown. "To dinner we had a long day and i think we all deserve it." Coldon said. You opened your mouth to say something what is it:
"What if Zadum decides to come back?"
"As long as i get to sit next to Coldon." =)
"I want to sit with Kaleb then."
"What about Adam! we cant just leave him! i need him by my side always."
11. "Don't worry _____ we'll keep you safe" Kaleb says then hugs you. From the corner of your eye you see Coldon roll his eyes. You look back only to see Adam running towards you all. You stop and so does the others to wait for him to catch up. "Hey _____ how are you feeling?" Adam says then gives you a kiss on the cheek. "I'm fine now that we're all together." You smile at him. Coldon then steps in and holds your hand. He lets go quickly though not wanting to start another argument between him and his friends.
dont let go of my hand! Coldon.
Hey can i get another kiss on the cheek Adam?
Kaleb get yourself over here this instant!
WoW i got three boys! Which one will i choose?
12. "What happened to Zadum, Adam?" Right when ou said that you got knocked to the ground and blacked out. your last word before blacking out is"
whats going on here!?!

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