FullMetal Alchemist quiz bahaha

FullMetal Alchemist(Hagane no Renkinjutsushi), is a manga series created by Hiromu Arakawa and serialized in Enix's (now Square Enix) Monthly Shonen Gangan. It has also been adapted into an anime TV series and a movie sequel, as well as several spin-off novels and video games. The manga is still running in Japan, and 16 volumes have been released so far. The anime, on the other hand, is finished, and consists of 51 episodes and a full-length movie sequel. Both incarnations (the manga and the anime) have seen massive popularity in both Japan and North America.

Do you Pay close attention to the details? If not, I would not take this test. By clicking the button, you are agreeing to only a few minutes of a few simple and not so simple questions. Do you have what it takes to win the Prestigious title of FullMetal Know it All?

Created by: Gin
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1. What character is not in the manga?
Lan Fan
Russell Trigam
all of the above
2. When the water tower breaks a girl very similar-looking to Noa(From Conqueror of Shambala) comes out of the train holding the Ishbalans. What episode is this?
Episode 36
Episode 1
Episode 40
Episode 30
3. If you can't get this one, you aren't a very good fan D: What's the name of Winrys Mentor in the manga?
4. Which of the following is not a correct name for the Philosopher's Stone
Sage's Stone
Stone Of Heaven
Great Elixir
Red Tincture
Fifth Element
Nestors Stone
5. What is Ed's height Including Boots and Antenna?
6. Heres one right from the FullMetal Alchemist Official Cult Quiz! In Volume 6, what was the name of the attack their teacher used on them for being inattentive in class?
Lunch Confiscation
Blackboard Nail Scrape
Furious Chalk Dance
Flaming Eraser Clap
7. Mei Chan, a Manga Only Character, Is really the ___ Princess.
Most Royal
8. An Alchemist's Rank Is Equivelent to?
Major General
9. Hers another Easy one if you payed attention on episode 25! Where does Second Lieutenant Ross Have A Mole.
Above her left eye
Above her Right Eye
Below Her Lip
On her Neck
10. Dr.Marcoh's research notes are disguised as cooking recipes and The Colonel's are disguised as women's names. What Are Ed's disguised as?
Mens Names
Birth Dates
AutoMail Instructions
None Of the above!

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