Freedom, Independence, Stability and Happiness quiz

I was reading about how the cost of living for people who make between $18k and $88k a year has gone way up, while the income of most people in this bracket has stayed the same. People in this range also are taking on more and more debt just to have decent living standards - like homes and college educations. I know I feel the crunch, and I was wondering how the rest of my friends felt as well. So I created this quiz to find out.

I won't share your specific answers with anyone if you don't want me to. I just want to know how you are doing in life. From what experience I have, I've created this quiz to measure the things that seem to bring the most peace and happiness to people. Let's see how it goes!

Created by: Evan Morrison
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you have health insurance?
I don't need health insurance, I can pay for any sort of medical procedure or emergency with cash
I don't know
I'm under someone else's health insurance
4. How do you pay your bills? (School costs also count as bills)
I have a job/investments that cover my expenses
I have a job, but I am also given money by other people
I have a job, loans, and am given money
I have loans and am given money
I have loans and a job
I don't have bills
5. Do you have extra income that you are able to save regularly, and does your savings continually grow?
6. If you were out of work for three months, what would you do?
Live off of my savings until I get a job
Borrow money
move in with my parents
stop paying my bills
become homeless
shoot myself
7. How confident are you that you could find a job that replaced the income of your current job if you lost it suddenly?
less than 3 days
less than 1 week
less than 2 weeks
less than 1 month
less than 3 months
more than 3 months
8. Do you have free time, and if so how much?
less than 4 hours a week
4-7 hours a week
7-10 hours a week
10-13 hours a week
over 13 hours a week
9. Do you have people who you enjoy spending your free time with?
All the time
most of the time
10. Do you have someone you can talk to when things aren't going as well as you'd like them to? (can be more than one person)
All the time
most of the time
11. If you have health insurance, does it cover all of your health needs?
I don't have health insurance
12. If you drive, do you have car insurance?
I don't drive
13. Are you as close to your family as you'd like to be?
I'd like to be more distant
I don't have family
14. Do you have as much sex as you would like to?
Not enough
Too much
Way too little
Way too much
15. If you live with people, what do you think of them?
I don't live with anyone else
They're great!
They're pretty cool
They're alright
I am moving out or thinking of moving out
I'm tired of them, but I'm stuck with them for now
16. Is the sex that you do have as good as you'd like it?
I don't have sex
17. If you work, are you fulfilled at work?
Yes, but not at my day job
I don't work, or do anything for money
18. How do you feel about the people you work with?
I work by myself
They're great!
They're pretty cool
I'm looking for a new job
I'd like to have a new job, but I'm stuck where I'm at for now
I don't work
19. How do you feel about your money?
I have more than enough
I have just the right amount
I'm getting by
I have lean months
I'd be fine if I didn't overspend
I'm barely covering all of my expenses
20. How satisfied are you by your current transportation setup? (Car, bike, bus, carpool, etc.)
Not at all
I would be satisfied if I wasn't worrying about it
21. How do you feel about your body?
Too fat
Too thin
It's perfect except for (fill in the blank)
I love it!
It's ok, but I can't do (fill in the blank) with it like I'd like to be able to
22. How do you feel about random people you meet when you are out in your community?
They might be cool, but I won't find out because I'm shy
They're great!
I'm wary...
It depends on how good looking they are
It depends on how rich they look
I don't like strangers
23. How do you think the next five years of your life are going to go?
Meh, I'm skeptical
I don't like to think about the future
It will have ups and downs
Better than the last five years
24. How is your relationship with your significant other?
I'd like to have one
I'm done with them
A little bit of work
A lot of work
Sometimes good, sometimes bad

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