Remember Catherine??

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When Cryaotic played it on YouTube, I became obsessed with it. Now, a couple years later, I actually get to play it thanks to my friend.
It's so weird playing a game you already know everything about. There isn't much for me to discover because I already know literally all of the lore. Still, the puzzles are actually challenging asf sometimes and they're addicting. I still love this game. Though the f---ing controls on the puzzles are absolutely terrible (at least on the Xbox). I'm trying to push a block one way, but I end up pushing a different block another way and f--- myself over. Also, there's a time limit so you can't sit there trying to figure ish out. That only makes it more challenging, though. That's how I try to see it.
Also, Vincent is suuuuch an idiot. Honestly, I can't stand him sometimes. Why doesn't he just tell her?? He's a loser.