Do you believe in God?

Thread Topic: Do you believe in God?

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Nah man. I follow the Score.
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I DO believe in God and by the way:
God DOES love you, BUUUT He doesn't love your sins

So if you are not, er straight, he DOES love you, but He doesn't love your sins. And that, by the way, is a sin (being you-know-what).
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Hi Sam how are you?
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I do believe Him
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Yes definitely
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I believe that since the existence of god can neither be proven, nor disproven, it's subject to newtons flaming lazer sword.

the question is not whether or not you believe he exists, the question is, would it make a difference if he did?
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Nope. Athiest.
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Yup i belive! Although i do in very interesting ways...........

Youve heard of Jesus right? And youve heard of judiasim right? Well im a jew that belives in Jesus! (Only we call him Yeshua)
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Nah, I'm an Atheist, but I'm leaning towards becoming a Satanist. I don't believe in any of that 'God made you' crap. There's no proof that he even exists, so why do people waste their time worshipping a non-existent being? I'm not sure. But I'm pretty sure some deranged lunatic wrote the bible to fill people's minds with ridiculous ideas and create a religion on a non-legitimate base.
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There is God and i will always believe in him no matter wat!!!!!
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Don't know but there is someone I believe in good things :)
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But I believe in god
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I'm with Ghetto