Does anyone else have really disturbing thoughts?

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Thread Topic: Does anyone else have really disturbing thoughts?

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Like disturbing as in you would never even think about thinking this, and yet you think of it anyway and you feel really unclean afterwards

I keep having them and I just feel so filthy about it. Not even in the way of "I secretly enjoy this horrible thing and feel filthy" but a "why the f--- did this even cross my mind how impure I'm impure what the f---" kind of way.
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Oh my God yes.
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Yes, I too have filthy thoughts. Like, they are not a part of my personality but some things just trigger them. And then I regret thinking of them.
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I dun feel unclean afterwards >:P
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Yes and I struggled with those kind of thoughts for a year.
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Yes, and for me, they're mostly about murder.
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Yep XP
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Yes O.o But mine aren't violent, they're just...idk dude O.o
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Yeah. I really don't like it.
Vira Dash
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Me too. I'll feel terribly guilty afterwards and I really hate the feeling, just like you said, of being filthy and impure.

Good to know that I'm not alone in this case.
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I watch a lot of gore movies though, so I guess that's a cause.

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