Swearing in other languages.

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Thread Topic: Swearing in other languages.

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Here are a few in Lithuanian. (it's been awhile, so some of these may be wrong)

Atstok: f--- off or go away
Giluminio sudas: Dip s---
Asile: a--hole
Kalyte: b----
Kekse: Whore
Dikas: Dick
Zioplys: f---er
Sudas: Crap, but with a macron on the u it means s--- (i think. it's been awhile)
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Cyka blyat - Russian for "b---- whore" or something like that, you hear it a lot in video games with russians.
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^b---- fuk* all of your guys hurt my head with ypour s--- language speaking.

Draco that's not even a word in Russian that I know off. Idi nahuy is fuk off as far as I'm concerned.
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Put two fingers up in China and be arrested for telling people to fuk you
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Vaca is cow in spanish
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Stupido is stupid in Spanish
Te voy a chingar tu pinche madre
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I spelled it wrong I think it's Osvyathis?
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In URDU,laanat=damn
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Well I can swear in French but it TS a deadly sin cause that are heavily chatholic so I'm not

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