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Thread Topic: America

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I'm afraid to go to America coz all of the enimies it has (I think) will I be bombed if I go there for a vacation? Random bombs could be dropped at anytime and I don't wanna die a virgin. I'm to young to die.
Vladimir Putin
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You probably won't get bombed if you go to America. Over 99% of the time America is not being bombed. I won't even destroy America until they attempt to destroy Russia. Keyword "attempt". They'll never destroy Russia.
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Nah it's safe, just full of idiots.
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^ exactly. If youre gonna get bombed, its gonna be a bomb of an insult. Like a total failure of an insult that would actually hurt. So. It's pretty good here.
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Oh yes, you're totally going to get bombed. I mean, it's not like the government has become a communist one controlling every singlef---ingthing that's going on in our lives.

Kid, you've got nothing to worry about. The only thing you've got to worry about is watching out for us American idiots.

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