my boyfriend lives 10 hours away

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Thread Topic: my boyfriend lives 10 hours away

Queen Hades
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My boyfriends lives 10 hours away in a different country. I trust he won't cheat because he is a major christian and I love him a lot. We had been best friends for four years and we've been dating a little over a month. My problem is I keep thinking I'm holding him back from something. Because well next week I'm 15 and next month he's 17 so there's a big enough gape between our ages. And he's also taking some college classes because he's really smart and I'm in the lowest level in my classes so not only are our ages a problem but the fact the I'm not very smart is also a problem for me. So can someone please give me some advice?
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Ok, lemme ask a few questions.
How did you become friends?
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That's tough, my best advice would be to try all your each other, arrange visits,skype ect as often as possible if you can.Also even though its gonna be hard a high amount of patience is required, and trust.If you both really love each other you'll find a way.Make any time you two have together special.

I hope you both can work it out, best of luck.
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The distance is a deal breaker at your age
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Act like you're seventeen, even though you're not. And call and text him a lot. This will be a sure hint to him that you want to keep your relationship going. And at least you have a relationship. I've been single for three years since this jealous loser guy dumped me for some sassy blonde cheerleader. I'm still not over it.
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Three years is a long time to still be hung up o.0

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