My bar isnt going up anymore

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Thread Topic: My bar isnt going up anymore

hunter girl521
Joined: Sep 23, '15
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its been stuck at junior for a few weeks now. plus everytime i check my quizzes to see if anyone has taken it, it doesn't show me the newer people who have. In my resencent quiz, i check the states but it says Nobody has taken it when ive had a couple people claim they have i have also taken my how quiz on my other account and it hasn't shown up.
Joined: Aug 9, '15
Status: Senior
Check it out now.

Your profile page says that you're Experienced. Post once more to see the tag appear under your name. If it doesn't show up, try logging out and then logging in.
fallen wing
Joined: Nov 1, '15
Status: Novice
yea ik that thing fixed put when ever i i check my status its only shows how many times people have taken it. it doesnt show who took them tho
Joined: Aug 9, '15
Status: Senior
^If they've an account in the forums, their names will appear. Else you won't know who took it.

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