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  • well I am a bit easy going and I am somewhat kind.I like everyone and love making friends,but somehow I am introverted.Good quiz

    shashank Jan 12 '17, 4:46AM
  • Aggressive isn't the right way to describe it but that's so me but the only reason I'm annoying is because I talk too fast

    crazyperson1 Dec 11 '14, 8:48PM
  • ya it is mostly true, but the last one i really could not understand

    poeticphilia Jul 17 '14, 8:43AM
  • Easy going is sooooo me!

    Athena2217 Aug 22 '12, 9:20PM
  • open-minded! yay =)

    teh_turtle Jul 30 '12, 10:37PM
  • Find your inner personality!
    Your Result: active
    You have boundless amounts of energy. You are outside a lot of the day, and you're a person who likes to burn midnight oil. You either eat a whole lot, or just a little bit. Even though you'll just burn it all off when you're outside.

    so so so true i eat mroe than half the football jocks in my class and yet im super skinny but i run around alot and im always hyper

    xevx Aug 11 '10, 11:26AM
  • im easy going(i don't really care... ZZZZZZZZ)

    aw4391 Mar 16 '10, 2:29PM

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