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QUEEN snow said:
Sep 21 '16, 2:22PM

My character is called Crystal and she's a little ball of rage tbh

Angelic25 said:
Mar 19 '16, 1:34PM

Okay I'm writing a story and I want to see what you think about the main character. She's death's (Hades's) daughter and a living flame. Her story takes place in an upside down univers which means anything can happen, because everything affects it. Angel(the main character's name) basically got killed by the dark lord and gets presented with a deal with death my her father, Hades, that basically consistented of two choices 1. Don't take the deal and just die, that's it, the end. OR 2. She could accept the deal with death, get awesome powers and come back to life, she takes the deal.......and subsequently almost loses complete control of her powers and is only stopped by the people who are supposed to help her out. She does have pretty good looks, but if anyone, exspasly males, try to get close to her just because of her looks she'll beat the heck out of them. She does kind of have a royal background, but she got literally all of her memories erased about that and that memory problem can and does comes back and bites her in the but.

Jay WalkZ said:
Jun 11 '14, 1:03AM

what is so bad about being original?

Sherlock said:
Mar 28 '14, 11:41PM

Darnit, GoToQuiz! I want to delete this quiz, but the site won't let me!

Anyway, major creator backlash here. These quizzes are horrible. Don't take 'em. Really, don't. I don't know what I was thinking when I made them. *shakes head sadly*

Elliryanna said:
Mar 23 '14, 7:28PM

It won't let me type clich. It does it on here but then it changes it to clich when it goes up. Weird.

Elliryanna said:
Mar 23 '14, 7:27PM

1% clich. YAY! She really isn't at all. I spent quite a lot of time working out kinks in my old story, off of a site that was kind of like this, then it was soooo clich, I just quit that story and wrote it about a side character. It was originally about these two kids, who for some reason want to escape, who travel to the Dark, where they meet this girl. All of the people in the Light had talismans, which held a part of them, and this one girl's were her eyes, which were glass. It was SOOO a play off Eragon, so I quit it and wrote about the girl who they met. I still haven't determined her name, either Inna, Ravena, or Ali, but having it be Ali wouldn't work because another character's name is Alistair.

Munin said:
Feb 27 '14, 1:02PM

15%, not bad. I guess I did deliberately start with the idea of a particularly unusual heroine undermining the more usual dynamics of fantasy.

TheKnight said:
Feb 25 '14, 5:16PM

I got 15%!! my hero is a spunky rebel from liverpool. she is intelligent,sarcast ic,funny and is a troublemaker. But is still sensitive,naive and is actually a 'secret' introvert. She does normal hero stuff, like saving the world and all that jazz. her parents are actually alive,which at dark times is unfortunate. Her main cause of her problems isn't the cliched prophecy or the villain its her overbearing mother that guilt trips her and at times neglects her. Did i mention she's only 14?

Sherlock said:
Jul 8 '13, 8:59PM


SmartB said:
Apr 27 '13, 7:20AM

it really is a normal life book and it is called ImagiNation also it is copyrighted

SmartB said:
Apr 27 '13, 7:18AM

31 percent. my story is about a trained spy that has a crush on a very very very HOT girl and he tries to spy on her and the supporting cast tries to help him stay undercover so she won't know also he has to keep it secret from his parents, a rival crusher(not a spy tells strait on), and a dangerous gossip reporter for the triple c

mlapolla said:
Mar 9 '13, 4:57PM

I got a 1%. LOL. I guess my hero isn't very clichd. Actually, the real hero(ine) is his wife but you don't find out about that until the very last chapter. And she's more of an anti-hero(ine).

SilverBlueMoon said:
Jul 23 '12, 4:46AM

Rather that test my own characters, I've been testing others from favotite book series of mine. Harry Potter just scored a 47%...ouch.

Thou gh it's still much better than other character I could name...

Sherlock said:
Jun 12 '12, 12:26PM

Please disregard these tests. Major creator backlash here! I no longer agree with most of what I put. (I would delete them, except for some reason I'm not allowed to.)

Zzzzzergle said:
Jun 7 '12, 10:31PM

5%! HECKS YA!!!

Zzzzzergle said:
Jun 7 '12, 10:30PM

5%! HECKS YA!!!

The Popolisk said:
Jun 3 '12, 7:38PM

24%....... Ben, you fail. Now I gotta go change some things... >.>

Sherlock said:
Oct 13 '11, 11:46AM

The site won't let me delete my own quiz? Inconceivable. Is there any way to delete or suspend this?

S542 said:
Sep 1 '11, 1:15PM

28% not bad! :D

PixiDixiChik said:
Jun 22 '11, 7:24PM

21%!!! Woo, way to go Miranda! Now for Zach :D

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