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summerrosewood said:
Mar 2 '18, 4:32PM

girl:am i pretty
gir l;do you want to be with me forever
gi rl:will you cry if i walk away
the girl walks away, hurt tears running down her eyes. the boy grabs her arm and sais,
boy:your not pretty your beautiful,i dont wanna be with you forever i NEED to be with you forever.i wont cry if you walk away ill die if you walk away
boy:please stay with me forever.
girl:i will

tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you post this on 5 other events and be shocked tommorrow.paste it on 10 other quizzes and youll get everything you want!!!!!!

browns said:
Mar 7 '16, 3:26PM

latrice monet brown.2101 mountain run drive glen allen 23060 guardian light text me if I got the job 804 709 8549.

Gazza said:
Apr 20 '14, 8:42AM

I'm good

Zebramoon said:
Apr 1 '14, 1:48PM

I got a 70% baby whoo hoo

super skip 666 said:
Oct 19 '13, 1:23PM

58 I need to watch more

des4life said:
Oct 12 '13, 7:45PM


c360276 said:
Aug 24 '12, 7:09PM

omg only 63% -_- i watched over 1/2 of the episodes god i 4get alot of stuff

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