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adnin617 said:
Sep 18 '11, 12:05AM

I got only 25%!LOL

KataWolfGirl said:
Sep 15 '11, 7:07PM

........This quiz is impossible. I only got to question #2. I'M AN ATHEIST, I DON'T WATCH (BLEEP)ING CHRISTIAN MOVIES

SarahFreak said:
May 27 '10, 4:03PM

What?! I got 40%! And I'm a movie buff! What the hell!? I don't understand!

Lulu Mcstarpants said:
Apr 24 '10, 4:17AM

apparently i suk at this quiz but i dont care. maybe this person should try again at making a quiz like this if this was there first, good start but i think you can do better! ..........was i harsh nah! you did a good job!
make another!

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