Elements and Principles of Art

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Artists use visual elements and principles like line, color and shape as tools to build works of art. One of the most important things to look for in works of art is the way those works have been designed or put together. To do this means you must know what the ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES of art are and how they are used to create art objects.

Do you know what the elements and principles of art are? Can you even name a few of them, or how they are used to create a work of art. This quiz was designed to test your knowledge.

Created by: Kathy Hughes of Art Room 222
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  1. The element of art that refers to darkness or lightness is_______
  2. In art,_______means moving, or not at rest.
  3. The principle of art which deals with the visual weight of objects and forms in an artwork is called ______________.
  4. A principle of art in which many differences among the elements are used to create added interest in the work is called:
  5. When contrast is used to draw attention to an area, the area that the artist is calling attention to is the:
  6. A color’s ______________is located directly opposite it on the color wheel.
  7. A ___ is a color with black added to it.
  8. A ______ is any color with white added.
  9. When mixing red and yellow together, the resulting color is:
  10. When mixing red and blue together, the resulting color is:
  11. A ______ line goes from side to side and is parallel to the horizon line.
  12. A shape has _________ dimension(s).
  13. A form has _________ dimension(s).
  14. The part of a picture closest to the front of the picture plane and to the viewer is called __________.
  15. The area between, around, above, below and within an object is a definition of ________
  16. By placing one object in front of another an artist can create an illusion of depth. This is called __________.

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