Does your teacher like you?

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niranjani said:
Mar 16 '16, 9:26AM

hoo..I thought my teacher loves me so much...but...

niranjani said:
Mar 16 '16, 9:25AM did u find this.

Sophiaiscool said:
Oct 7 '15, 12:31AM

Uhh I thought it was does your teacher like you in a student way I'm a girl and so is she plus she's 40 years older then me yeah I'm serious I know host old my teacher is

MollyR said:
Jul 13 '15, 5:51AM

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silverkitty4000 said:
May 22 '15, 7:44AM

I thought it was how much the teacher likes you as a STUDENT! That's weird, dating your teacher! I'm a girl, and so is my teacher. I took this quiz because I wanted to know if she liked me. But not that way! Who kisses their students? Please, delete this quiz! Only weirdos who are desperate for love need to know if their teacher feels the same. Besides, they could already be married!

Teacher - Hey, John.
John- What.
Teacher- I love you, John.
John- Me too.
Principle- Hey, Ms.
Teacher- I got a boyfriend. It's 1st grade John.
Principle- *vomiting on the fax machine*
See how gross it is? It's inhumane.

Yay exotic said:
May 3 '15, 12:09AM

O percent...

Frostire said:
May 2 '15, 2:17PM

I thought this was just an innocent quiz about if your teacher likes you as a student... I was WRONG...

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