Does your crush really like you?

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Does your crush like you?Do you like him?Whats the real person that wants you?Your crush is the guy of your dreams,but does he like you back?Are you sure he likes you more?

Take this quiz to find out.You might be surprised by the results.This fun is real,fun,and even more unique than any other love quiz.You will have so much fun with this test!And maybe,just maybe,your crush likes you back.

Created by: CheesePastry

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  1. Do you like your crush?
  2. Do you think he likes you?
  3. Do his friends tease him about you and him together?
  4. Does he hang around with other girls?
  5. Do his feet ever face you,even if he's across the room?
  6. Do your friends know that he's your crush?
  7. Does he ever touch you,or says something like,"It was an accident."?
  8. What kind of girls does he like?
  9. Do you know his parents?
  10. Are you neighbors?
  11. Did you like this quiz?
  12. Do you want more quizzes from me?
  13. Boi.

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