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Sweettreatgirl said:
Sep 5 '15, 8:57PM

Girl- Am I pretty?Boy- NoGirl- Do you want to be with me forever?Boy- NoGirl- Will you cry if I walk away?Boy- NoThe girl walks away, hurt. Tears running down her face as the boy grabs her arm.Boy- Your not pretty, your beautiful. I dont want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And I wouldnt cry if you walked away, I would DIE!Boy- Please stay with me?Girl- I willTonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you. Something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm. Tomorrow it could be anywhere. Get ready for the biggest shock of your life! If you dont send this to 5 other events you will have relationship problems for the next 10 years. If you paste this on 10 other quizzes you will get everything you want tomorrow

Emily0012 said:
Jul 4 '15, 1:31AM

I dont have the right answer, but i will just go to sleep.

SydTheKid said:
Jun 22 '15, 6:43PM

UMMMMMMMM, You see, my crush is 3 years older than me, and i never stop laughing when I'm around him, he's my brothers friend and he's hilarious, *SIGH* and my brother would kill me if he knew i liked him. I just don't understand, i got a streak of hope, WELL THANKS! Gawd. :( Anyway, he'd be a senior and id be a freshman, not going to work.

TheMangle said:
May 11 '15, 11:18PM

Im sad. I mean i am a tom boy and Kaden(crush) is my best friend.

I am sure this is not what you want to hear, but according to my signal calculations and your result, no, he doesn't like you back. Maybe he just wants to stay as friends until the time is right. Well, there might be a chance but not a big one. Good luck.

maiyra williams said:
Mar 8 '15, 5:46AM

He is my hub an v hav luv marg hahahahaha but he is no like others serious and tough

maiyra williams said:
Mar 8 '15, 5:45AM

He is my hub an v hav luv marg hahahahaha but he is no like others serious and tough

dogsrulenotdrool said:
Feb 8 '15, 1:40PM

To songbird_tweet:
Th at's so sad :( i feel for you!! I have a lot of friends that like the same guy as me. He seems to be normal friends with all of us, but I'm trying to find out who he actually likes. Hope luck comes your way :)
From dogsrulenotdrool :3

dogsrulenotdrool said:
Feb 8 '15, 1:37PM

I got 77%! I think it's the highest you can get. I have dreams and "visions" (you could say) about him every single night! He is so cute :3 It sucks that some of the questions don't have a 'sometimes' button. Because he sometimes tries to talk to me, look at me, and picks me for Phys. Ed teams. :)

Kittykat13 said:
Dec 24 '14, 5:48AM

This boy texted me and told me he liked me, but then my BEST friend asked him out when she knew I like him, and he said ya, this was like 5 weeks ago so I'm fine now, but I just texted him and asked him why he said he liked me when he didn't. The truth fell out he just said he liked me cuz he didn't want to hurt my feelings. The he told me he thought of me as one of his best friends but then he mentioned how I was eggs actually like josh he practically called me a boy

Kittykat13 said:
Dec 24 '14, 5:44AM

Ok so, last year this buy and I were in a reading project together where we had to make a board game or something. Whatever, so when we were both writing on the poster I accidentally bumped him and got marker on his arm, then he smiled at me and laughed and started drawing on my hand too, by the end if 3rd period our hands were covered in colors, the teacher didn't even yell at us, he just laughed along with us. After that I've kinda liked him, but I don't know how to tell him, but every once and a while he walks up to me and asks me if I remember that marker fight we had and then winks. I don't know if he's just being playful or not, please help.

songbird_tweet said:
Dec 16 '14, 5:05PM

I have a crush and he`s been my crush for 5 months. I really like him and I told my best friends. He has a new girlfriend who is also my friend. At the dance, my friend told him I should dance with him. He said okay but i didn't want to make things awkward. About five people started pushing me towards him. I struggled and left. So he came where I was (snack room) and he saw me smiled and left. Whats that supposed to mean and how should I feel. I don't know...

moonhowl said:
Dec 12 '14, 10:32PM

hi guys, i have a crush on this guy and i ma not sure if he likes me or not. Because everyone is saying last year he had this crush on this girl and that girl doesn't likes him but this year that girl start liking him and everyone think they like each other. But my crush said no he doesn't like that girl anymore and today we are having a dance and you have to find a dancing partner. He choose me instead of the girl, does that means that he might have a crush on me?

Yourmom103 said:
Dec 12 '14, 8:46PM

So my friend dared me to ask out my best guy friend lets call him bob and then I asked him and he said sure I like him as a friend but not like that and I don't know how to break up with him because I've never broken up with anyone before so idk what to say help me

Smilegrl said:
Dec 6 '14, 10:15AM

I had a boy break my heart because he flirted with me and I though we were going somewhere.but at the school dance he didnt ask me to dance so I'm really bummed.i sit next to him in science so I'm afraid It will be weird at least for me

yummy29 said:
Nov 14 '14, 10:56AM

Hi guys, could you give me some advice? I'm in Love with a boy but I won't say his name cause its kind of weird. I will call him Carl . So we met a few months ago when grade 6 started. We had this job of like cleaning up the classroom after the dismissal bell (the bell to go home) and we both were there everyday. We started from there. We first started chatting then we became good friends. There was a Halloween dance and we ... Well you could say we went together. We just danced near each other and didn't touch at all. After like 20 minutes he told me to stand still. I'm like okay what is it? He doesn't say anything, he just grabbed my hands and we swung around really fast in circles. I could say it was the most romantic thing we did in the dance. The whole room was blurring around us and soon I could only see him smiling sweetly at me. I felt really dizzy after but not from the spinning. I was love struck. Since that dance he has always been very polite, and friendly to me. He even open the door for me in the hallway and says, Ladies first while smiling. What should I do? He as like he likes me but doesn't want to take it too fast. What should I do??.

Erin14015 said:
Oct 12 '14, 1:49AM

I wish the guys would make a move They don't.

Erin14015 said:
Oct 12 '14, 1:48AM

I was at my seventh grade dance, and I think I ruined it all between my crush, Ross, and me. My friends are really embarrassing sometimes and totally dared him to ask me out. I get upset when someone is dared to do that, but then my friend revokes the dare. I end up sitting in a corner, and Ross approaches with my friends close behind. They tell me to stay but I couldn't handle it. Ross was trying to tell me something before the dance ended but I didn't have the heart to listen. What do I do now?

gravityfalls said:
Aug 13 '14, 6:46AM

1. Dont fall in love with dudes who like other people.
2. It's a fact that love makes a person seem so perfect. DONT BE FOOLED.
3. Dont think that when a dude stares at your bikini, doesnt mean he is TRULY in love.
4. Dont you ever EVER tell your friends, BFF though it may be, your crushes. your BFF may sway your trust by telling others.
5. If you have the urge to tell someone who your crush is, resist until you log in to facebook. Click "Post Status", select only me and type the name

gravityfalls said:
Aug 13 '14, 6:39AM

Well you people are too stressed out.
Have a snickers.

AwesomeJulia22 said:
May 19 '14, 1:00AM

Soooo two things. One: me and my Ex bf. ( we were
Together at the time) Thomas was on a trip and before he
Left I thought he broke up with me so I got a differ ent
BF he wasn't serious so I bro ke up w/ him
Once Thomas got back he said, " I heard what you did
Wile I was gone !" Then he was bf w/ the SHOW O
FF Hannah but I stil LOVE him advice please!!!!!!!!

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