Does your crush like you back? (100% accurate)

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luca_turrrkeeeyy said:
Jul 2 '16, 10:05AM

um.. good one.

marianwhab said:
Jun 5 '16, 4:30PM

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shine4love4hope said:
May 22 '16, 2:32AM

also my crush used to ignore my texts (read and say nothing)
but after my friend told him i liked him, he started texting me first (once in a lifetime) so hopefully this helps

shine4love4hope said:
May 22 '16, 2:29AM

turquoise21, i would say he liked you but gave up because he probably thinks you dont like him back. That happened to my friend but i found signs that the guy still liked her. I would tell him but also give him time to ajust (when your ready) , Hope all does well :)

shine4love4hope said:
May 22 '16, 2:20AM

btw im flora4ever (forgot password OOPS)

so i just found out he likes me but, he likes another girl too, my friend kinda told him so everything is messed up, but he stoped talking to the other girl.... she was avoiding him and told me he didnt like her anymore.
He blushes lightly when i talk to him and he looks away very quickly when i catch him staring.

I really want to ask him out but i dont know how, HELP PLEASE!?

Saara said:
May 19 '16, 11:13AM

Your Result: I'm surprised he hasn't asked you out yet...

I'm shocked. You haven't asked him out yet? You should go for it. According to my signal calculations and your result, your crush shares the same feelings as you do for him. Three words: GO.FOR.IT. Good luck!

14%Maybe...with a streak of hope...

0%Someday... in your chance...

@Rayqu aza259
Hi, its Saara, also known as Saara-The-Smiggler. You have taken one of my quizzes before, haven't you? I personally would tell him that you like him, and wait for his reaction. If he is like 'Oh thank god you like me!', then you would be able to plan things from there. If you dont see him often, tell him to meet up somewhere. Hope this helps.
----------- ---------
Ok, i am sooooo happy because today my crush, my bro and his class, who are yr 3, played an entire game of capture the girl, which was me at first then it was my bff. He nearly kissed me. Bi--- he nearly kissed me! (Btw that was to a girl who is a bi---)

Rayquaza259 said:
Apr 11 '16, 6:36PM

I need help. I see him a lot, and I want to kiss him because he likes me. How do you do it? I am so not experienced. The problem is he is in a higer grade than me... Any ideas???

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