Does the DoJ consider YOU a possible terrorist?

In a free and democratic society, attempts to expose abuses of power are to be cherished, not scorned. Do you agree? If you do, you might fit the DoJ's new profile of an "extremist." You'd better find out for sure!

This simple quiz determines where you stand on key issues that often result in adherence to one belief system or another. Find out if your beliefs could make you a target. You might be quite surprised!

Created by: dlxp of Daylight X Press
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you think that government should be run by major banks, and taxing the working poor out of house and home, while writing themselves big fat checks?
4. Do you think it's right that only 6 huge companies dominate everything you see on TV, even though they are regularly caught lying and distracting you from important matters?
Yeah that's fine...
If they do that, that's aweful.
No! Not Okay! I'm sick of it!
5. Does it make sense to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?
No, that's insane
Yep, yep, yep
6. If you talk about voting out greedy, corrupt politicians, does that mean the NSA should be allowed to track everything you say or do online or over the phone?
Yeah! I'll never have anything to hide!
No... that could turn out really bad in the wrong hands
7. Are you okay with the big 6 media companies telling everyone which two clowns they get to vote for, and ignoring other candidates?
Yeah, give me more of the same!
Nope, it's getting old.
8. If Hitler likes apples, and John likes Apples, does John like Hitler?
Yes, I'm a sucker for bad logic.
Umm, of course not. Wait, I've seen this trick on TV
9. Should the "Land of the Free" stay free, or should it keep printing money until it's worthless, taxing people, and writing more and more laws you can never hope to keep?
Land of the Free sounds good...
I like having too much Government! Take half of everything I earn and leave me homeless!
10. Is it cool with you if folks like Glenn Beck take the idea of Liberty, and act like it's a religious or racial thing, just to divide people?
Sure, we need race-baiting, so they can call it hate speech
Well no, this affects everyone equally...
11. Have you ever listened to one of the "most dangerous men in the country," namely William Cooper or Alex Jones?
Heck yeah
No, but I should check them out
No, they must be crazy because they're not on TV
12. Define "Awake":
No longer "asleep."
No longer fooled by the left-right paradigm they push on TV
13. In a world where everyone from Amy Goodman to Tony Robbins is warning of economic collapse, do you think it might be wise to keep extra food around in case the trucks stop running?
Sure.. Couldn't hurt, right?
NO! The DoJ says that's for extremists!
14. Did you know that Obama's been reading a book on Survival?
Are you saying he's an extremist?!?
Um.. What's he know that I don't?
15. Do you believe what you see on TV?
I try to figure out what little part of it was true
16. Do you think the the 3 branches of government should be equal, like before Bush, or should Obama keep the War Powers legislation in place that gives PotUS virtually unlimited power over every aspect of US law in all departments?
Totalitarianism? That's cooler than fascism AND communism!
Ugh.. yikes.. didn't he promise to repeal that?

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