Do you really, truly like your crush?

Some people think they love their crush, but really don't... some people think they like one guy, but is really toward another. Who knows? Maybe you love your crush! This quiz is to find out.

Do you find yourself running to your crush or away from him? You'd be surprised what some answers really mean! Some things you do you think means that you're really leaning toward liking a guy, it could mean the opposite! This quiz let's you know what this is all about.

Created by: Annie
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3. Say your crush sits near you in the classroom. Do you find yourself...
Keeping one eye on him, the other on the Black Board
Both of your eyes are fixed on him
You're way lagging behind in this class, and too busy to look, or think, at him
You pass notes to your guy friend who sits next to you asking what he thought the answer for number 3 was
4. It's a lazy summer weekend. You...
Ask your guy friend to come over to play basketball
You stare at the phone for an hour, trying to get up the nerve to call your crush
On your bike, you ride up and down on the street in front of his house
You and your BFF spend the afternoon swimming
5. You lay in bed at night just before lights out...
Reading your history book for school
Reading your favorite book
Thinking about school the next day
Wondering if you can manage to fake being sick so you can miss school tomorrow
6. In the morning, you spend the last five minutes before you have to catch the bus for school...
Fixing your hair and checking your lip gloss
Slipping on Jeans and a T-shirt
Trying to finish yesterday's math homework
Finishing your breakfast and staring out the window, waiting for the bus
7. Your grades are...
Pretty Good, if I do say so myself
Horrible, I have too many things to think about to do my homework well
8. What do you do at lunch?
Sitting with your group of friends
Sitting in the library reading a book and feasting on a sandwhich
You got invited over to sit with your crush! Yay...
Sitting by yourself, sneaking glances at your crush every five seconds
9. You would describe yourself as...
Sporty and Fun
Stylish and Sweet
Crazy but Cool
Smart but Popular
10. What's your favorite thing to wear to school?
Jeans and a T-Shirt
A tank top and shorts
Skinny Jeans and a V-Neck shirt
Capri's and a shirt with the word, 'Whatever' on it
11. You get up the nerve to talk to your crush one day. The first thing you say is...
What's Up?
How's it Going?
12. Your crush walks near you in the hallway at school. You...
Pretend you didn't see him, but you're excited
Practically scream, but hold in your excitement
Smile, hoping he's coming over to talk to you
Quickly turn the other direction and walk away

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