Do You Really Know Warrior Cats?

Here it is, the ten question quiz to see....ARE YOU A TRUE WARRIOR CATS FAN? Well, take this quiz and find out! I just hope you've read a few warriors books, or read up on it...

Are you a true warrriors fan? Take this quiz and find out! We have questions up to The Last Hope. Hope you enjoy and get that 100% score! Yeahhhhhh!!!!

Created by: Ian
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1. How did Firestar lose his fourth life?
Killed by Tigerstar
He got hit by a monster!
He was crushed by a tree
Longtail the blind killed him because he wanted to be leader
Greystripe accidently shoved him off a cliff
Dustpelt got jealous of him and Sandstorm and wrecked Firestar.
2. Who sensed the beavers blocking the river in The Omen of the Stars Arc?
Hollyleaf came back and told everyone.
3. Who made Tigerstar evil, then eventually Scourge/Tiny evil? (Evil as in bloodthirsty)
4. How did Scourge kill Tigerstar, eventually taking all nine of his lives?
First, he killed him, then he killed him eight times.
He asked Firestar to do it.
He took Whitestorm's soul and made him kill Tigerstar
He RKO'D Tigerstar, and he fell on the ground, dead.
Scourge knocked out all nine vital organs with one hit, taking all of Tigerstar's lives.
He cut down a tree, making it fall on Tigerstar.
5. What did Graystripe say after sending Darkstripe
"Too emo."
"One less traitor in the forest!"
"I should be leader!"
"Take that!"
"Ez rekt lel."
6. First, what was Firestar's original name, and what was his best friend named as a Kittypet?
Rusty, Graystripe.
Firepaw, Whitestorm.
What???? He was always Firestar, and his best friend was always Graystripe!
Fireheart, Sandpaw.
Longtail, Tigerstar.
Rusty, Smudge.
7. Who does Firepaw find on his first hunting assignment?
Idk xD I don't read warriors books.
These are so easy, why am I even taking this?
Duh, Longtail.
Easy! Yellowfang!
Hm. That's pretty simple, his old friend Smudge.
He didn't find anybody...
8. Alright, let's get a little more Power of Three! What is Hollyleaf's power?
The power is understanding of the Warrior Code.
The third isn't Hollyleaf, it's Dovewing, so...none.
Her power is to be super smart.
To be EDGY!
She can go in the past.
She can see in other people's dreams.
9. To the Omen of the Stars! What did Spottedleaf tell Mapleshade after she asked Spottedleaf why she saved Sandstorm?
She meowed, "Hi."
When Mapleshade asked her why, she said, "Sandstorm made Firestar happy!"
"Hm. I was too old for that Kittypet anyways."
"Firestar should have cat married me, but whatever! Sandstorm is way more loyal than Graystripe!"
10. Why did Mapleshade insist on killing Sandstorm?
Mapleshade was plain evil.
Sandstorm had everything Mapleshade didn't, a mate, kits...
She knew it would make Firestar cry, so then Tigerstar could kill him.
Spottedleaf wanted her to.
Idk xD
She just wanted to kill people...alright, I'm gonna continue my anime bin- DON'T GO ANYWHERE!
11. ***LAST QUESTION, WILL ADD TO QUIZ*** Hard question, but who is Firestar's Father, your father, my father, EVERYONE'S FATHER?????
Idk xD Scourge?
uh, Firestar, right?
I'm funny.
My dad...
lol I never get past the part where Firestar kills everyone HhHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

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