do you really HAVE to pee?

Hello, I hope you enjoy this quiz. I t is to test how badly you need to pee, or even if you need to pee at all. The last couple of questions do not effect your results, by the way.

Warning, there is a very high risk this quiz might make you pee your pants! Also, I should warn you that this may just be the best pee quiz you have ever taken!

Created by: Mai
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. on a scale of 1-100, how bad is your need to pee at the moment?
1-20, can hardly feel it
21-40, a bit of pressure
41- 60, i have to go
61-80, can't hold it much longer
81-100, spurting at the THOUGHT of pee
4. O.K., lets get down to bissuness [activitys!] right, stand up with one foot on your chair, and your arms out-streached
a bit of pressure, coulden't stay like that for a long time
i really need to pee now
wet patch appeared when i stood up, i need to pee so bad now
coulden't remove my hands from my crotch without spurting
5. second activity, place a cup in your pants, try to pee, but stop your self before you do, how much pee did the cup catch?
none, i felt a bit stupid doing it aswell
about 2 milimeteres, not much at all
a little bit, made me want to pee more than ever now
quite a bit, if the cup wasen't there it would have dribbled through my pants
loads, i coulden't stop for ages, the cup almost overflowed but i managed to regain control, eventually
6. now, imaginge that you are walking up a very busy street, when you feel a sudden urge to pee, you ignore it, but in a couple of minuetes, it's much stronger and you know you need to find a bathroom, NOW, the closest public bathrooms are being redecorated, and the nearest working one now is about a mile away. after a quarter of an hour desperatly searching, a spurt forces its way out of your protesting bladder, then, suddenly, you relize you are about to lose control, theres not even a hope of geting to the nearest shop in time, and the lovely, warm urine rushes out of your bladder and floods your pants and trosers, it feels so nice and reliving, that you don't mind if people stare, it's the best feeling ever. how does this story make you feel?
funny story, but i don't feel anything
feel the urge to go a little stronger now
i really need to go now
huge wet patch, should have kept the cup
oops, another spurt
peeing, very hard to gain control again, sort of managing to stop the flow
7. relax everything, and imagine streams, waterfalls, people peeing.
nothing, what is the point of this
my small urge has turned into a medium urge, i need to go
wet patch, holding crotch, pee dancing
spurted again [longer this time]
8. have you spurted or peed yet?
No, compleatly dry
a little, a bit wet
loads, its like a lake down there
9. Are you peeing right now?
no, not at all
a little, just a dribble, i think i can control it
yes, a big torrent, i can't/ find it hard to stop
10. if you are at home, go and sit on the toilet with your trousers down, put don't let any pee out. what happens?
a dribble fought its way out
another big torrent spurted out, VERY hard to regain control
11. did you enjoy this quiz?
sort of
12. right, now for the results

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