Do you like, love or hate fruits?

Do you like fruit? Take this quiz and find out. Your test results will tell you how you like fruit or how you hate fruit. Take this quiz now! My test is the best1

This quiz will have a few questions asking you about some fruit facts. Most people know these facts so if you like fruit you'll know them or maybe get some wrong. If you hate them then you'll get a lower score.

Created by: hc

  1. Which fruit is the only one with seeds on the outside?
  2. Who planted the first apple tree?
  3. Is a banana a...........
  4. Is a strawberry a berry?
  5. What is the world's most popular fruit?
  6. Is a pineapple a berry?
  7. Do oranges have.....
  8. Do apples have air inside them?
  9. Which one has more sugar?
  10. How many seeds does a strawberry have?

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