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  • 98% I have a test on Wednesday on the State Capitals, so that would be like a 98-94!

    MaeRyder4 Dec 16 '13, 9:44PM
  • 90%... I'll take it, considering the last time I learned this stuff was in elementary school. ._.

    2spoopy4u Dec 4 '13, 6:05PM
  • i am 12 how i get 3 wrong on my 6grade test last year i am in 7 never studied since lol wow

    Hunter1515 Oct 28 '13, 8:34PM
  • i got 100% and i just started lerning them this yr im in 5th grade.My teacher shows us songs and they help me remember them my favorite 1 is tour of the 50 states were this guy draws them look it up on youtube.

    Pieluver10 Feb 10 '13, 6:15PM
  • 93 :p

    scolionophobia Jul 16 '12, 1:49PM
  • Never ever studied it and got 55% ... Im so bad at naming US capitals!

    Pathabeo Jul 10 '12, 9:09PM
  • I haven't studied the capitals since, like the 5th grade... 90%... I'm not the best, but not the worst... that's fine with me...

    TNMEBDMS girl Jun 19 '12, 6:04PM

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