Do you know your language?

Ahh the English language. Such a difficult, frustrating amalgom of nonsensical rules. If you're like me, it disgusts you that most people can't even master the language they've been speaking for so many years. Do you think you know your language well enough to pass?

How do you stack up? The English language can be tricky. Are you a grammar fiend, or do you just have trouble spelling your own name? Are you even literate? Test your knowledge here and now.

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2. What is your gender?
3. Fill in the blanks: Mary,_____cookies tasted like salt,______the worst chef ever.
you're, you're
your, you're
your, your
you're, your
I don't know!
4. Fill in the blanks: Don't touch those things over______, ________ mine and I don't like you.
theyre, their
they're, there
their, there
there, they're
I don't know.
5. Which of these are spelled correctly?
Wendsday, Febuary
Wednesday, Febuary
Wednesday, February
Wedndsday, Febyouarey
I can't even read.
6. Where is the adverb in this sentence? Donna gently removed the knife from her dead husband's body, and threw it to the floor.
This is too hard.
7. Fill in the blanks: "I need to ________ down," he said. He ________ the newspaper down at the foot of the bed.
lie, laid
lay, lain
lie, lied
laid, laid
Help me...
8. Fill it in again: "How did you do on your exam Bif?" "I think I did_______. I feel ________ about it."
good, good
well, well
good, well
well, good
No answer.
9. Choose wisely: This is a dangerous ________ Billy, our parents will kill us!
I don't even know what that means.
10. Fill in please: I cannot________ these gifts, _______ this one. I love jewelry.
accept, accept
except, except
except, accept
accept, except
11. FIND ANSWER: This cheese is smellier ______ your feet Jimmy. She ________ fainted from the stench.
than, than
then, then
then, than
than, then
I prefer a less piqant cheese.
12. The _____ of you! Go ____ your room! You're _____ noisy!
too, two, to
two, to, too
to, too, too
two, too, to
13. Find the correct answer: Im_________ be quitting heroin. Im just so __________ doing it.
suppose to, use to
supposesta, useta
supposed to, used to
supposed to, use to
I'm gonna say... no anwer.
14. Fill in the blank: We were kissing in the _______.
Don't know.
15. Fill in the blank: "________ going to kill us!" She screamed. Then the mouse scurried into _______ hole.
It's, it's
It's, its
Its, its
Its, I'ts

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