Do You Know Your Horse Colors?

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firestar12 said:
Apr 24 '16, 7:19PM

I know more about horses than your quiz said I grew up around them

lotrnut said:
Mar 13 '16, 7:05PM

oh, i looked up lethal white sydrome. it is separate from albinism. it has something to do with frame overo genes. albino exists in other animals, AND in horses. normal albino foals that have properly developed colons are born. they do happen

lotrnut said:
Nov 19 '15, 2:20PM

one,the website requires the quiz maker to ask age and gender. two, nobody can know everything about horses and if you really did love them you would accept that.three,even an equine vet would admit they dont know everything about horses.

NosyPony said:
Jul 29 '15, 6:12AM

False invalid information, this quiz sucks. Albino horses are cremello.

dressage queen said:
Feb 10 '15, 10:47PM

it's impossible for a horse to be albino, as the albino gene is lethal. and half zebra half horse? really? any horse's mane will stand up if you roach it. this is a pretty s---ty quiz and most all of it is incorrect. and to the person saying they're a vet, if you really were, wouldnt you know that a horse can't be albino? and the color you were describing was cremello/cream, not albino. wow. this was embarrassing

ponyfreak said:
Nov 11 '14, 9:33PM

64% 64% WHAT!!! I know about horses more than maybe you!no offence but you shouldn't be making quizzes saying CRAZY HORSE PEOPLE NO NOTHING

BlazingFireFlare said:
Oct 21 '14, 1:49PM

Cremellos have more of a tanned peachy colour with solid pure white manes ;)

BlazingFireFlare said:
Oct 4 '14, 9:43AM

If the answer was brunblakk on one of the questions on the brown mane and tail and body, it is wrong.
A brunblakk has a dun coloured body, with black legs. And, fjord horses manes don't always stand up! That is what humans do to there thick manes.

Oreo1504 said:
Aug 26 '14, 12:15AM

Worst quiz learn horses

avvie said:
Jun 20 '14, 8:33PM

No such thing as albino horses. A lot of information is incorrect or not explained well.

horsecrazy24601 said:
Dec 28 '13, 5:39AM

Good quiz. I got 100%!

Please edit the paragraph if you get 100%- you probably are not as knowledgable as me (I am a equine vet).

hanloveshorses said:
Sep 30 '13, 11:43AM

It says in the description "No one knows horses like I do"
Isn't that a bit snobby (No offence) and most of it is incorrect and you say you're a horse expert ad you ask for an AGE in a quiz about knowledge on horses.

hadk65 said:
Aug 14 '13, 2:04PM

There are a lot of spelling errors and just plain misinformation contained in this quiz. 3 out of 10 just because I can tell the author loves horses.

eemalee said:
Apr 7 '13, 12:36AM

OK, just to clear this up, albino is not considered a color because it literally means "colorless". Any creature can be albino, but you'll be able to identify them by white skin/fur/scales/fea thers/etc. and most importantly red/pink eyes. Horses can have "pure" white skin and coat, but if they have blue eyes, then they're considered either cremello or perlino. There were many other mistakes, but this one bothered me the most. Also, I just wanted to say how you should by no means whatsoever brag about being the "best horseperson", because there are many, many people with more knowledge and experience than you. I'm not saying you're dumb, but don't be going around saying that you're the best.

Sunday1 said:
Jun 23 '12, 2:32PM

I got 73% percent. There WERE mistakes but I knew what you were talking about, honestly it wasn't that hard to figure out. If you got a low score, the thing to do is not whine on the comments page.
Just throwing that out there.

graceegan said:
Apr 15 '12, 5:43PM

this quiz is horrible! i know horses very well but i got like 45% cuz the descriptions r terrible! thanx 4 a waste of time! 1/10

annades49800 said:
Jan 29 '12, 5:42PM

this quiz is horrible! the questions arnt good at describing anything. i mean who cares about skin color?

Rodeo Chic said:
Jan 22 '12, 7:45PM


algernon2000 said:
Nov 19 '11, 1:44PM

dont like it i got 67% hate it

silverbrook1 said:
Nov 12 '11, 10:09PM

This is a good quiz. However, albino horses do not exist. Most horses who have pink skin, blue eyes, and nearly pigmentless skin are cremello, though they can also be smokey cream, perlino, or cream champagne. Dominant white is also possible, though it leaves brown eyes.
Gray horses can be ANY color when they are born. Chestnut, black, bay, buckskin, palomino, red dun, amber champagne, cremello, perlino, smokey cream, classic cream champagne, you name it.
And also regarding question 10: I assume you are referring to the dun gene. The dun gene can act on ANY horse color, and lightens the color of the coat slightly on the body (not the legs and face), and usually leaves darker stripes on the legs, shoulders, and down the spine. The dun gene does not cause the mane to stand up straight. This is caused by the breed of horse- Norwegian Fjords, for example, have manes like this.

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