Do You Know Your Horse Colors?

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firestar12 said:
Apr 24 '16, 7:19PM

I know more about horses than your quiz said I grew up around them

lotrnut said:
Mar 13 '16, 7:05PM

oh, i looked up lethal white sydrome. it is separate from albinism. it has something to do with frame overo genes. albino exists in other animals, AND in horses. normal albino foals that have properly developed colons are born. they do happen

lotrnut said:
Nov 19 '15, 2:20PM

one,the website requires the quiz maker to ask age and gender. two, nobody can know everything about horses and if you really did love them you would accept that.three,even an equine vet would admit they dont know everything about horses.

NosyPony said:
Jul 29 '15, 6:12AM

False invalid information, this quiz sucks. Albino horses are cremello.

dressage queen said:
Feb 10 '15, 10:47PM

it's impossible for a horse to be albino, as the albino gene is lethal. and half zebra half horse? really? any horse's mane will stand up if you roach it. this is a pretty s---ty quiz and most all of it is incorrect. and to the person saying they're a vet, if you really were, wouldnt you know that a horse can't be albino? and the color you were describing was cremello/cream, not albino. wow. this was embarrassing

ponyfreak said:
Nov 11 '14, 9:33PM

64% 64% WHAT!!! I know about horses more than maybe you!no offence but you shouldn't be making quizzes saying CRAZY HORSE PEOPLE NO NOTHING

BlazingFireFlare said:
Oct 21 '14, 1:49PM

Cremellos have more of a tanned peachy colour with solid pure white manes ;)

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