Do you know who invented this?

Since it is Black History Month I wanted to created a quiz of inventors and see how many people actually heard of these inventors? These are the normal people you have heard of. Have fun!!

I wanted to educate people out there of some of the black inventors. Not the typically people that we normally hear about. If your up for the challenge come on. Have fun and enjoy!

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1. Who was the first Black Women to recieve a patent?
Sarah Boone
Sarah E. Goode
Sarah Boone
2. Who invented the Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels?
T. Elkins
Sarah Boone
Miriam E. Benjamin
3. Who received a patent on April 26, 1892 for a device which would help to neatly iron clothing.
Henry Blair
C. B. Brooks
Sarah Boone
4. What did Elijah McCoy invent?
Lubricating Cup
Dust Pan
5. Who thought it an convenience to have to carry around a bottle of ink whenever you needed to sign a contract or fill out legal papers?
C. B. Brooks
Thomas Stewart
W. B. Purvis
6. Who designed a device that helped with the task of preserving perishable foods by way of refrigeration?
Before L. P. Ray
T. Elkins
Jan Matzeliger
7. Who invented the mop?
L. P. Ray
Thomas Stewart
C.B. Brooks
8. Who invented the dustpan?
L. P. Ray
Miriam E. Benjamin
C. B. Brooks
9. What did C. B. Brooks invent?
heating system
hair straightener
street sweeper
10. Who invented the first human-hair straightener?
W. Johnson
Garrett Morgan
Robert Pelham

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