Do you know video game songs?

You know what this is about right? Good. Its a quiz about songs in video games. The Rat Tango The Puberty Song The Uvula Song and The Math Lesson are in a game called Nightmare Ned. Soooo can YOU Find out all the songs?If you do you know your songs pretty good. If not LEARN THEM!

The songs here are NOT copyrighted Im pretty sure that Nintendo and SEGA arent mad at me. Cuz if they are, ill find a way to delete my What Nintendo System are you? quiz! So as i assured you before this is a quiz about video game songs. Learn them or know them! Have fun!

Created by: Leon
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3. "We don't care if you are hurt as long as it looks cool!"
The Rat Tango
The Puberty Song
The Math Lesson
The Uvula Song
4. "One step forward two steps back"
Sonic Heroes
Super Mario Sunshine
Shadow the Hedgehog
5. "Everyone will look like tiny ants much like the Eiffel Tower wearing pants!"
The Puberty Song
Super Monkey Ball
The Math Lesson
6. "I just hang here and sing but baby i sure know how to swing!"
The Math Lesson
The Uvula Song
Kirby Squeak Squad
7. "Find you confine you"
Sonic Heroes
Wii Sports
8. "We already told you that the stupid pommengranites aren't for sale!"
The Math Lesson
Sonic and the Secret Rings
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
9. "I could go supersonic the problems chronic!"
Winnie the Pooh Rumbly Tumbly Adventure
Elements of Destruction
Thats not a game
10. "When the moon is golden and mist is in the air and the bathtub is half full then you should say your prayers!"
The Puberty Song
The Rat Tango
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
11. Do you know songs from Nightmare Ned?
I like napkins
12. Did you like this quiz? (score turned off here)

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